Five Psychology Tricks to Change Anyone’s Mind

May 2, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

Human psychology is too complex to understand completely. When surrounded by people, you can notice each person has a different personality and psyche. It is hard to step back and try to think from another person’s perspective. But you can find several debates on how to trick the minds of others into molding into a much more approachable one. 

Instead of leveraging the passive-aggressive or defensive approaches, you can utilize a few tricks to keep everything on track and still get what you want. This subtle approach will likely change the other person’s mind to agree with you without fostering hostile feelings or advances. We have outlined a few simple tricks to change the mind of anyone that you want to:

Positive Initiative 

It is common to feel a bad or good vibe with someone you meet for the first time. Sometimes, you can feel right away if some person is going to be a challenge for you. The best way to tackle such people is to take a positive initiative yourself. 

For instance, If you expect to have a conflict with anyone, sit next to that person rather than across from them and offer to play games at your favorite new online casinos together. This approach tricks the other person into believing that you mean no harm. Since your position is less oppositional, the person next to you is less likely to feel threatened.

Chew Gum

It is not a new revelation that chewing gum can make you feel less uneasy and more relaxed. Chew gum if you are nervous. Doing this can trick your brain into reducing your nerves. The phenomenon behind this trick is that our brains are wired to believe that we are safe when eating. So, whether you are going for an interview or an important meeting, you can use the gum to calm your nerves for the best outcomes.

Leverage Mirroring

Conforming others’ opinions to align with your thinking is challenging, but a few people are natural at it. You can use a few tricks and life hacks to change other people’s minds to agree with you. Let’s say when playing games on Interac casino, there might be a conflict of opinions between your friend and you—the method to get out of the situation with your desired results is by using the trick of mirroring. Suppose you want someone to agree with you; slightly nod when asking questions. This is called mirroring. People are more likely to decide if you send positive affirmations.

Compel with Silence

Another essential psychological trick to make someone spill the beans is staying silent. Now, this might not be very clear, but very effective all the same. If you are talking to someone who has yet to answer your question thoroughly, try staying quiet even after they have finished speaking. Gazing at them without saying a word or reacting to their previous explanation tricks their brain into thinking the conversation is yet to finish. So, Your silence will compel them to continue talking. 

Explain to Remember

Teachers must have said they clear their concepts by teaching them to the students. It is not all talk but works if you are trying to memorize some complex picture. The best way to learn and remember things is by explaining them to others. By doing this, you tend to simplify things while explaining to others so that they get the hang of it; this, in turn, helps you to concentrate on the most critical information and imprint it into your brain.

The Bottom Line

Altering someone’s mind and perspectives is complex and tends to bring people into heated arguments. If you wish to stay out of trouble while still conveying and making others agree with your point of view, try using some psychology tricks. Skillfully carrying out the hacks, you have a higher chance of successfully convincing someone and having the upper hand.  

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