The Complete List of 5 Pro Tips for Cracking the XAT Exam with a Good Score

Tips for Cracking the XAT Exam with a Good Score
Jan 4, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

If you’re preparing for the XAT exam, then we have some important news for you. 

Of course, you know that the exam is around the corner and preparation is at its peak. Now is probably the time to buckle up and try to complete your revisions for the XAT exam. Remember that this is going to be one of the most competitive experiences you will ever have.

However, even if you’re thinking of appearing for the XAT exam next year, we have some relevant information for you here. Cracking it with a good score is not easy, and the earlier you start, the better it is for you.

Some general ideas should form the backbone of your preparation. The XAT exam is very demanding, and you need to be at the top of your game to crack it with a good score. 

We will discuss some ideas regarding that in the next section. Read on to find out more about it.  

Five Pro Tips for Cracking the XAT Exam

Get a Clear Idea of the XAT Exam Pattern:

The first task on your list should be to clearly review the XAT exam pattern. Unlike most B-school entrance exams, in the XAT exam, each section will have a different number of questions. The weightage you give should be accordingly moderated.

Make a Schedule and Time Your Tasks:

You need to make a schedule based on the topics you need to cover and set deadlines for yourself. Of course, the topics are vast in the XAT exam, and it is common to divert from the schedule. Nonetheless, having one gives you a clear target and is very important to making your prep top-notch.

Focus on Creative Problem Solving:

The last thing that the XAT exam demands from you are a mechanical attitude to solving problems. The questions are creative, and above everything, they will test your approach. It is very similar to solving problems in real-life business scenarios. 

Revise While You Prepare:

Do not leave the revision part to be completed at the end – it is easily the gravest and most common mistake that XAT exam aspirants make. Revise every week and continue this practice till the very end of your prep when you start a full-fledged revision process.

Take as many Mock Tests as Possible:

There are many aspects to success in the XAT exam and the ability to solve problems is just one of them. You have to be very efficient when it comes to managing time and sticking to deadlines, and mock tests can help you a lot with that.

Top Courses to Pursue After Cracking the XAT Exam

MBA in Operations

MBA in Operations is easily one of the best courses you can take after cracking the XAT exam. It is a traditional field and graduates in this domain are always high in demand in the market. However, most top institutes under XAT do not offer MBA in Operations. The popular course there is PGDM in Operations. 

However, you can do an MBA in Operations from one of the XAT associate institutes. They have most of the facilities of the top institutes if not all. Among the XAT associate institutes, you can find MBA in Operations courses in both public and private colleges. They offer a holistic education with ample opportunities for industry exposure.

PGDM in Finance

PGDM in Finance is offered by the top colleges as well as the XAT associate institutes. If you manage to do this course from of the top colleges, you will not have to look back in life. A successful career in the top MNCs is a prospect that becomes certain as soon as you enter the course. 

There are ample opportunities for industry exposure and a great alumni network in the industry. However, you can also do a PGDM in Finance from one of the XAT associate institutes. Asia Pacific Insitute of Management is one college that offers it. They have excellent industry connections and top-notch opportunities for graduates.

MBA in Forest Management

This is easily one of the most unique management courses that you can pursue after the XAT exam. Forestry is an area that is receiving huge attention, especially with concerns over conservation taking the centre stage in the climate change debate. As a result, there is a great demand for graduates with a specialization in Forest Management. 

A top XAT associate institute offering this course is the Indian Insitute of Forest Management in Bhopal. Moreover, due to the obscure nature of the course, there is very little competition when it comes to employment prospects. If you are an environment enthusiast, then this is the most promising course for you.  

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