How to Choose the Best Gaming Keyboard

Updated On October 18, 2021 | by Vedwik

Picking the Best Gaming Keyboard

Choosing the best gaming keyboard is not about spending the most money possible. It is a process of elimination in which you look for certain features that you appreciate in a keyboard. Some features that manufacturers list may not even make much sense but they all help. We are going to explain some of them and the focus will be on the most essential features that you should keep an eye out for when browsing to find the best gaming keyboard.

1. Anti-Ghosting

Anti-Ghosting is a feature that all decent gaming keyboards have. What this feature does is register the correct number of keystrokes. Regular keyboards register one or two keystrokes. To better understand this behavior, try pressing and holding two keys then hit a third one. Most keyboards will not register the third keystroke. A gaming keyboard does not have this issue and can register a higher number of simultaneous keystrokes.

2. Mechanical Switches

If we are talking about gaming keyboards, we must limit the search for mechanical keyboards. There is a reason why professional gamers only use this type. Mechanical keyboards offer better feedback when pressed and have a higher lifespan than cheaper membrane keyboards. At the same time, mechanical switches used in mechanical keyboards offer a satisfying sound. The trouble comes from the fact that some manufacturers make keyboards that look as if they are mechanical ones when in reality they use a membrane instead of a switch. Make sure that your keyboard has high-quality mechanical switches.

3. Extra Features

The extra features that matter the most when it comes down to choosing the best gaming keyboard are the software customizations. For gaming, you want to have all the essential keys. Multimedia buttons do not add much value. What adds value is a set of customizable keys that you can use to set up macros. The software of the keyboard needs to be well thought out to allow you to create macros, shortcuts, and customize keys.

4. Build Quality

Build quality is the first thing that you notice about a gaming keyboard. Overall, they look and feel more sturdy than a regular keyboard. However, it is easy to get fooled. As gamers tend to abuse their keyboards, they need to withstand a heavy beating. If you were to choose the best gaming keyboard, you need to get one that has a metal plate. It provides better support and prevents the keyboard from bending. At the same time, it adds a certain degree of weight. The whole body and keycaps of the keyboard need to have a high-quality finish.

5. Removable Keycaps

Another important feature of gaming keyboards is the removable keycaps. Most of them make it easy to remove the caps while others are simply impossible to remove. You will want to get a keyboard that has removable caps. Removable caps make it easier to replace them and it makes it easier to clean the keyboard without taking it apart. If you want to get the best gaming keyboard, it needs to have removable keycaps.

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