Deposit Options: The Payment Methods for Poli Casino Players

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In the last few years, there has been a recorded increase in the number of NZ players choosing to enjoy their casino games via online gambling sites.

Convenience is top of mind why people choose to go online rather than heading to land-based casinos. But convenience does not end with being able to play games without leaving your home as it includes the whole gaming experience, including funding the account. 


In this post, we will talk about the different payment methods and what to check, such as transaction fees and security and safety considerations.

Overview of Deposit Options


New Zealanders need to take the time to know all deposit options and not just the popular payment methods. Each will have its own advantages and disadvantages. Plus, not all will be available across countries. Players must then consider the option’s availability in New Zealand.

Kiwi casino bettors have different options to choose from these days. God knows the mindset behind these changes. However, we would not judge the choices but to face the situation. Internet gambling sites have been partnering with several payment solution providers and bank companies. 

Most of these deposit options are safe and secure but may vary in terms of fees, lead time, and convenience.

Below are the widespread deposit options for bettors. Go through all of them and make a smart choice in your opinion. 

Credit/Debit Cards

credit card

Also known as plastic money, most Poli casinos let users deposit to their accounts using their debit and credit cards. Visa and Mastercard options are usually available in casinos available on the internet while some sites accept American Express and Diners Club. If you are a cardholder with Visa or Mastercard service, there would be no hardship for you to find available options for yourself. 

Deposits are credited almost immediately. In terms of security, most banks use the best available technology to protect user data.

  • Quick deposits.
  • High spending limits.
  • High familiarity with bettors using debit and credit cards.
  • Transaction fees can be quite costly.



Electronic wallets are currently a big thing making their place in the market. You might also be enjoying their service in your daily life. E-wallets for short are third-party accounts that let them link their e-wallets to their credit cards or bank accounts.  

Simply put, you can load your e-wallets or also known as digital wallets with money they can then use to fund their casinos.

Paypal and Skrill are two of the most sought-after e-wallets by Kiwi fans.

  • Low costs.
  • Instant deposits.
  • Does not provide sensitive personal information to sites.
  • Some internet gambling site’s bonuses and promotions can’t be claimed if people used e-wallets.

Prepaid Cards 

Prepaid cards are not something new in this world. They have been in existence since the 1970s. They are also available to Poli enjoyers in NZ. This method, also known as a prepaid voucher, lets them deposit instantly to their online accounts without having to provide their personal or sensitive information to the prepaid card company. 

Prepaid cards are also transferable. 

Players will have to go to a retail store or the prepaid card company’s website to buy the card or voucher, which they can redeem on sites.

  • Instant deposit.
  • Helps them stick to their budget.
  • No need to provide sensitive information to the prepaid card company.
  • Buying the card or voucher requires additional effort.
  • It can’t be used for withdrawing winnings.

Other Deposit Options to Consider

There are other options available to Poli casino bettors but may not be as popular as the ones above.



More online platforms are integrating cryptocurrencies into their operations, but it still has to eclipse other payment methods in terms of popularity. Just like those platforms are evolving with time, you can also try adapting yourself to the time and situation. Shift a percentage of your portfolio towards crypto with trusted crypto exchanges.

Cryptocurrency offers instant deposits to accounts. It also allows players to remain anonymous as they also don’t have to provide their personal information when using cryptocurrencies for internet gambling. This method is also being used by many because of its zero-to-low transaction fees. 

However, cryptocurrency prices also vary depending on different factors. Some people are also hesitant to use this option because of the lack of or murky regulations on its use.

Bank Transfers

bank transfers

Bank transfer is one of the traditional methods that has slowly lost its following among players in the last few years. 

If you are doing an international bank transfer then consider the fact that it might take days before your payment is credited to your account. Bank transfer fees are also higher compared to other forms of payment. 

On the other hand, transferring money using banks is often safe as these financial institutions heavily invest in their security infrastructure. There are different means through which you can transfer amounts like RTGS and others. 

Plus, many of them find it easier to stick to their budget when using bank transfers since they can see how much funds they have on hand.

Choosing the Right Deposit Option

Kiwis have several considerations in choosing their banking methods. One of their priorities is that the online platforms and banking method is the availability in New Zealand dollars, so they can eliminate the need to pay for foreign exchange rates. 

Then there’s the ease of use to consider. Does the payment method let bettors easily fund their accounts, or is it a method that’s tedious to use?

Many people have security and safety concerns as well when depositing to their accounts. They want to know what measures the casino and its partner have in place to protect players’ information. To be frank, with a platform like this, there should be no privacy or security concern that you might face throughout your journey with Poli casino.

Transaction fees are a major concern too, especially since some methods charge high fees for transferring money to any account.


There may be plenty of options for your online gaming, but this doesn’t mean you should just pick or try any. 

When choosing the deposit method in online Poli casinos, consider important factors such as fees, ease of use, timelines, and safety and security features of each deposit option. It is only after you have compared these factors that you must choose which method to use.

Gambling can be both addictive and destructive. If you or someone close to you is suffering from a gambling problem, then you can seek help by calling or texting the Problem Gambling Foundation of NZ 0800 664 262 or text 5819.

This article was written with valuable research from John Gold’s team from BetPokies and Slotaire.

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