Can Packaging Inserts Enhance the Customer Experience?

Packaging Can Enhance Customer Experience
Sep 29, 2021 Reading time : 6 min

Running a business is not everyone’s cup of tea because attracting and retaining customers can be challenging. However, there are different ways for an online business to make customers feel special and that’s done by optimizing the packaging. With packaging, you need to determine which packaging material is used for shipping the products and what you are shipping through these packages. Ranging from small gifts to printed items and package inserts, they are convenient and affordable for marketing the productions. 

The inserts can amplify profits and sales without even doing much. This is because, with the right packaging, the business will actually spend some money that will make your first customer experience a long-term and loyal customer. Packaging inserts have become effective marketing tools that can meet the customer’s needs and enhance brand loyalty. Even more, it’s cost-effective to add inserts to the packaging and has become a great way for cross-selling, so you are known to your customer’s needs and likes. In the article below, we are sharing five marketing tactics that shall help the product stand out!

Discounts & Coupons 

When it comes down to inserts, the discount and coupon inserts are the best ones because you can send out a coupon, and the discount code will assure the customers that they are cared for. In addition, the availability of such inserts in your package will ensure that customers see the offer rather than them ending up in the spam email folder. The most cost-effective manner of sending the coupons and discounts is printing the offer on small cards, such as business cards, and print the cards for quick and economic printing. 

If you don’t know which offers you can provide to the customers, you can offer free shipping on the next order, $2 off on the next order, a 20% discount on the next offer, or whatever discount you can afford to offer. In addition to this, you can opt for the two-offer approach where the discount card is provided for the customers and one is to be shared which enhances the reordering rate. However, it’s a must to send a specific discount code to ensure everything can be easily tracked. 

Free Samples & Small Gifts 

Adding value to the package is important if you want to increase the number of sales, and nothing could be better than adding a free product sample or a small gift. That’s because it’s an apt way of surprising and pleasing the customers. Businesses often overlook this concept but even the smallest gifts can make a huge impact on brand sales because thought counts for every business. As far as the free samples are concerned, they have become a good option for various reasons. 

To begin with, the samples can introduce your products to the customers which they didn’t know about previously. For instance, if customers like the sample, they are highly likely to purchase the full-size products which can eventually increase the sales. Even more, some businesses also receive free samples from vendors which you can send to the customers. This way, sending the free samples won’t even cost you extra money but profits will be increased for sure. 

As far as the gifts are concerned, they have become a great way of boosting customer satisfaction and happiness which will make your first customer a life-long customer. This is because the new customers will be impressed by the gifts and it shows them that you care about your customers. Also, your customers won’t be expecting anything free, so even the smallest gift will make a huge difference. For instance, you can send sticky notes, stickers, pens, or anything that resonates with your brand. 

A Thank You Note

Where marketing inserts are concerned, the best way is to slip in a customized note in your black shipping boxes and it will be the most personal, economical, and effective method of retaining the customer. This world has become extremely digital which means a physical or handwritten note will create a unique identity. This is one of the simplest gestures that will revive long-term benefits. A thank you note in your package will improve brand loyalty and scale up the customer service. 

As a result, the customers will duly appreciate your customer service and have a great brand experience. Keep in mind that thanking the customers is a great way of standing out in the competitive business world because large-scale businesses will hardly be able to keep up with such high-end customer service. For thank you notes, make sure that you address every customer by their name, be thoughtful, use high-quality paper, and add a warm tone while being professional. 

Request Goes A Long Way 

When it comes down to receiving and shipping the package, it tends to be the last step in successful order and complete fulfillment. However, it does provide a great opportunity for businesses to make thoughtful requests to customers. For instance, you can slip in the insert that requests them to give a positive review or share their overall brand experience. This smell gesture will increase brand awareness and make a positive social proof for the products. Keep in mind that when more people see your brand name, more of them will invest in your products. 

Branded Solutions

When we think about marketing the brand, we often think that the product is enough but it’s best that you customize the packaging material and make it brand-oriented. For instance, you should opt for a customized shipping envelope or customized boxes that have your brand name and logo plastered over them in the best way. On the other hand, if you have a tight budget, just get the brand stickers printed and plaster them on the shipping packaging. 

In addition to a branded sticker, you can also opt for logo-branded tape which isn’t only economical but has become an effective marketing tactic. If you are still looking for another way, you can add the brand-oriented shipping label (one cannot have too many opportunities to increase the sales, right?)

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