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The internet is deemed “the greatest invention of all time” – no one even dares to contradict this belief. It became the primary medium for communication. Moreover, it provided vital information to the general public. For this reason, people became dependent on this inception.

Indeed, there are countless benefits that the internet can deliver. But, the most important one is the concept of coding. It creates a set of instructions that the computer can follow. On top of that, this is also responsible for building programs, such as websites and applications.

Because of this, a lot of people, especially kids, are encouraged to dive into the practice of coding. Fortunately, there is a heap of online coding camp for kids that they can choose from. 

In this article, you’ll find 13 suggested coding courses that kids can learn according to professionals.

Kids, It’s Time: Learn and Enjoy Coding

Computer Science Principles

Learning the basics of coding would not be complete without understanding its architectural aspects, origin, and systems. Of course, a person’s programming skills will primarily depend on their knowledge of the concept of coding.

For this reason, computer science principles are the first course that they need to enroll in. Through this curriculum, students can grasp the fundamentals of coding and programming. The list can include but not be limited to binary, encryption, and networking.


Animations and games are two concepts that most kids are familiar with. Whenever they hear about either of these terms, they always get excited. Of course, no one intends to end this enthusiasm.

So, a coding course named “Hopscotch” is also included in the list of online programs. This class is designed for kids ages 10 – 16. It helps students create games and convert drawings into animations using a canvas. After completing this, they can publish the application for family and friends to play.

Internet Safety

The internet might be an excellent way for students to learn and socialize. But unfortunately, this can also be a threat to one’s life. So, the children’s safety is the primary priority of most coding camps. 

For this reason, large and small group classes offer internet safety courses. Students who join this class can learn about a wide range of online safety. This can include computer security, the internet, and technical devices.

Junior Robotics

Many children envision robotics camps as a fun and exciting way to learn the basics of computer programming. So, an online robotics course tagged “Vex Robotics” is offered by numerous coding summer camps.

Through this curriculum, students learn how to virtually navigate robots through coding. Similarly, they can gain a deeper understanding of how beneficial robots are in solving real-world problems.


Quizzes are a great way to test whether the students have learned something from a particular subject. Unfortunately, this is no excuse for coding courses. So, to test the kid’s coding skills, Kahoot! is included in this list.

It is a learning platform designed like a typical school quiz form. The only difference is that Kahoot is more interactive – it is created like a game application. This is ideal for testing students’ knowledge, reinforcing content, and boosting retention.


Free Introduction

Minecraft is a famous interactive game among kids. For this reason, a free introduction to this application is similarly offered in most coding camps. In Minecraft coding, students do not only play the game. But, they can also learn how to code the application.

Modding Quest

Of course, Minecraft coding would not be complete without having in-game characters. In the molding quest course, students will be allowed to code for core coding concepts. This can include coding for events, functions, loops, operations, and variables. As a result, shaping a character expert in problem-solving.

Redstone Engineering

Minecraft Redstone engineering is a coding course where students can learn how to incorporate advanced blocks. They can gain a deeper understanding of real-world engineering. This course includes the creation of automatic doors, circuits, and sensors.

Mobile Coding

The introduction of mobile applications never stops. So, kids nowadays aspire to become software engineers. If your kid is interested in participating in this legacy, this is the perfect coding course.

In this course, students can master the art of coding mobile applications from scratch. They will learn to use mobile features like the camera, device sensors, and touch screen. Similarly, they can start building projects and designing layouts.

Python for Al

Many children aim to be better at what they love to do. Other students admire the idea of exploring the complexity of programming languages. For these types of kids, Python Al is the ideal course for them.

Python programming is designed for teaching kids more advanced code writing. It empowers students to create their own projects using text-based coding. Eventually, this can be the basis for future game development proposals.


Similar to Minecraft, Roblox games are also popular among children. This application is significantly enjoyable for them. So, to add to their excitement, enroll them in this course.

In most coding camps, a free class about Roblox studio is one of the courses accessible to most students. Through this program, kids learn coding for the installation and activation of the game. It also provides an interactive experience as they can play games with other kids and meet new friends.

Scratch Ninja

Engage your child in learning the key concepts of coding and programming through Scratch Ninja. It is one of the ideal ways to start coding as it is designed with a user-friendly language. 

It performs an amazing job of helping them focus on the basics of coding instead of worrying about messy typing. Within the first sessions of this online camp, they will be more empowered to develop a game design. In turn, allowing students to create their own games with an interactive story.

Smart Devices

It is a fact that we live in a world filled with countless gadgets. For instance, computers, smart devices, robots, and televisions can all be accessed. These devices can be a source of education and entertainment.

For this reason, coding for smart devices is deemed significant in the lineup of programming languages. Through this curriculum, students will have the opportunity to build a physical system for real-world applications.

Swift Playgrounds

Challenging oneself is one of the ideal ways for students to learn and understand a particular concept. In terms of coding, the best computer science course to satisfy this requirement is Swift Playgrounds.

Swift is a powerful programming language designed to teach kids the correct coding method. It fulfills this objective by testing the student’s problem-solving skills. This is done by answering puzzles.

Website Coding

Without web development coding classes, a computer programming course would not be called such. This online course covers how the internet works and the basics of building websites.

It uses the same tools as mobile coding but with a different approach. Through this course, the students can gain a deeper understanding of Javascript. Also, they will learn how to build websites like artificial intelligence that can interact with viewers.

Kids, It’s Time: Learn and Enjoy Coding

A student’s future success requires effort, time, and money. Indeed, the courses mentioned above might be overwhelming to read and understand. But, these courses can grant the current and next generation a more innovative environment.

If your kids aspire to enroll in any of these coding classes, visit Software Academy. You never know; they might be the next Bill Gates or Larry Page in their time. We hope this article helped you choose a suitable coding course for your child.

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