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The online casino seeks to expand its audience as much as possible, for which it offers to use a variety of entertainment. All of them are certified games, which allows you not to worry about your safety and focus directly on the bets. For a long time, it was difficult to interest land-based casino customers with the offer of an online platform since such players had certain preferences. Thanks to the development of a live casino, it was possible to satisfy the needs of everyone.

Several studios in the world are engaged in the release of games with live dealers. The most famous among them are

  • Evolution Gaming,
  • NetEnt;
  • Vivo Gaming.

If the casino has the appropriate providers, then the players can fully trust the site. When choosing live casino slots, customers can take into account the size of their bankroll, their goals, as well preferences regarding which dealer to play with.

What Games Can be Played in a Modern Live Casino?

Among the entertainments worth paying attention to, it is worth highlighting the classics:

  • poker;
  • baccarat;
  • Black Jack;
  • roulette.

It is in these categories that most live casino croupiers work. The reason is that the games are distinguished by clear rules, as well as addictive gameplay and good chances of winning. So, you can start playing blackjack even if the casino visitor has no experience of betting at the card table. It is enough to collect a combination of cards, which will give a total of 21 points, to instantly receive a win.

Also, victory in the round is guaranteed if the sum of the player’s points exceeds the power of the croupier’s hand.

Roulette is represented by a huge number of varieties, which are based on the rules of the American, European, and French versions. For bets in the poker section, you need to have certain knowledge and skills, since here you need to collect certain combinations, the value of which may vary depending on the version of the game.

No less interesting can bet in such a section as the Wheel of Fortune. The game will please all fans of TV quizzes. Depending on the version of the game, the rules may differ slightly, but the basic concept remains the same. It is necessary to start the rotation of the wheel, after which a certain sector will be activated. It can bring a big win or trigger a bonus round.

Odds-based games allow you to create fair conditions in which the player’s victory depends solely on luck. For example, players can roll two dice and get a certain number of points. The croupier will offer to bet on the fact that the amount on the dice is more or less than a certain limit. Also, an interesting option for betting in this section will be Sic Bo, an Asian game that has a clear interface.

Speaking of lotteries, you should pay attention to their huge variety. Drawings are held daily, and players have the opportunity to take part in games with various limits. To get your ticket, you just need to pay a certain amount, and then wait for the draw. It is not necessary to guess all the numbers from the ticket.

Often only a few correctly guessed digits in a sequence are enough to get a small amount. Lotteries differ in their rules, so players should always be careful. In addition to traditional lotteries, you can play lotto or keno in a live dealer casino. The draws are live, so there is no risk of tweaking the results.

New types of entertainment in the live dealer section appear regularly. Studios are introducing innovative technologies that allow you to make familiar projects more stylish, memorable, or exciting in terms of gameplay. This is how Lightning Roulette and Lightning Dice from Evolution Gaming appeared based on European roulette and the usual game of odds with dice. 

When you win or at the beginning of the next round, visual effects are activated, with the help of which one or more numbers will be highlighted. The backlight is also used when additional multipliers are activated, so the results of the draw become even more obvious.

How Does a Live Casino Work?

Players who are just discovering betting with real dealers are often interested in the question of how much entertainment works. Live dealer game providers create full-fledged studios that install all the necessary equipment, from card tables to the Wheel of Fortune. 

The design resembles a real casino as much as possible, which allows customers to immerse themselves in an incredible atmosphere of excitement and big winnings. The dealer is in the studio, and the picture of the game is broadcast to the player’s device.

The dealer is a professional croupier who is well aware of the rules of the game, the draw of which he conducts. In some cases, gaming software providers invite famous personalities to play the game. This allows you not only to get a chance to hit the jackpot but also to spend time in the company of your favorite actor or celebrity.

Any croupier must take training courses in which he learns a friendly manner of playing the game. Modern technologies allow casino customers to send messages to the chat, and as far as possible, the croupier will respond to them.

The broadcast is conducted continuously, and players can enjoy a clear picture and high-quality sound. Filming is done from several angles at once, allowing players to observe the betting process from different points. It also provides a sense of deep immersion in the gaming process, as in a land-based casino, nothing prevents players from moving around the premises. 

It will be possible to place bets on most modern devices. To do this, a full-fledged interface is superimposed on the broadcast, which differs depending on the selected game. This allows you to set the bet size, select the bet format, continue the game, refuse to increase the bet, and so on. All winnings received in the live dealer section will be immediately applied to the player’s deposit.

Benefits of Live Dealer Games

The choice of entertainment in the iGaming section can surprise even the most demanding users. Playing with live dealers allows you to diversify the gameplay and gain experience that will help you make further bets more profitable. If we highlight several key advantages of games with a croupier, then it is worth noting:

  • Entertainment for every taste. Such games are represented by dozens of varieties, and in each category, there are several versions. This allows you to choose a game with the most simple and understandable rules, which will be the most interesting to spend time with.
  • Opportunity to get a good income. You can place bets at tables with a variety of limits. This allows you to hit a solid jackpot if the player is willing to risk a large amount.
  • Bets in the casino in the company of real people. Betting on slots is exciting, but there is no way to compete with a live opponent. Playing in the live section, the gambler tests his skills in the company of a croupier, who not only acts as an opponent but is always happy to keep up the conversation.
  • Opportunity to get additional bonuses. If the casino promotes entertainment in the live dealer section, then players will be able to take advantage of additional bonuses. It can be a cash reward or cashback.

Live casino is not limited to card games only. You can also place bets on lotteries, monopoly, and dozens of varieties of game shows. Convenient search allows you to quickly find interesting entertainment. 

In many ways, a player’s choice in a casino is based on how safe and fair the slot machine or any other entertainment is. In the case of live games, it is worth noting the use of only high-quality equipment. For any supplier, an accusation of dishonesty can be the beginning of the end of a career.

Therefore, all equipment is based on a random number generator. If its use is not possible for technical reasons, then the croupier follows certain rules that demonstrate honesty. 

He always shows his hands and dresses in clothes that do not allow him to hide a card or a ball. Decks must be changed after each draw. The change in shooting angle also proves that the party is not staged, but takes place within the framework of probability theory.

This type of entertainment appeared not so long ago, but it is successfully developing and brings significant income to the owners. The total profit from the live casino is estimated at 1.2 billion dollars a year and the figure continues to increase. Experts note that players have certain preferences depending on the region.

So, in Eastern Europe, they prefer to play blackjack or roulette. Evolution Gaming reports that various game shows perform well in this market. Casino visitors from Eastern Europe are increasingly participating in lotteries or keno. Operators also note the love of the audience from this region for tournaments and cashback, which periodically take place in the live dealer section.

Western Europe bets on poker and European and French versions of roulette. By the number of visitors to this section, the UK, Sweden, and France remain among the leaders. A lot of studios that work in the segment are open in these countries. Players from Western Europe prefer to receive cash bonuses as a reward and take part in tournaments less frequently.

In the United States in particular and in North America in general, gambling is more strictly regulated. Therefore, bets with live dealers are still gaining their audience here. 

You can play at dozens of tables, but most bets are accepted in Texas Hold’em or Omaha Poker. Roulette is more interested in players from Canada, as is blackjack. Quizzes with large prize pools, including the Wheel of Fortune, are of interest in all regions of North America.

For a beginner, a rational solution would be to bet in the live dealer section at tables with minimal limits. This will eliminate the risk to the bankroll and at the same time allow you to get the first valuable experience. If the casino offers additional bonuses, then you should use them to increase your betting budget.

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