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5 Facts About Shopify’s Online Store Platform

Updated on September 20, 2021 | by Austin

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In the capitalist world, dropshipping is gaining popularity among businessmen. This is a new way of commerce, in which an intermediary, that is, a seller, does not store goods in his warehouse, but sends them to the buyer from the manufacturer’s warehouse directly. But not always goods bought in this way are worth their money. On Instagram, you can often see advertisements for products from unknown companies. 

They can position themselves in different ways, many do not hesitate to call themselves “the best companies for smart people”, others advocate a lifestyle in which customers do not need to spend a lot of money to wear good things and use powerful smartphones. By purchasing things from such sellers and receiving the goods, you can feel acute disappointment. 

The coat, which in the photo did not look chic, but quite bearable, in reality, turns out to be a synthetic fake. With a cursory search on Google, you can find out that exactly the same coat, which is offered in one store as an exclusive, exists on dozens of sites of little-known firms. And they all also claim that the coats are theirs. But upon receipt, you are surprised to find that the box bears the stamp of China Post, a Chinese delivery service, and the coat is not of the best quality. Dropshippers don’t even have to keep their merchandise. Photo:

 All sites that sell the same product, presenting it as an exclusive, are built on the Shopify platform. This is analogous to WordPress or Blogger but in the e-commerce space. This platform helps to create a turnkey website. Now it is used by about 500 thousand sellers, and this number is growing every month. On the hottest days for trading, like Black Friday, all of these stores made transactions worth $ 1 million per minute. Most of these companies are small and medium-sized businesses. Shopify serves as a liaison between buyers, sellers, and wholesalers from Chinese sites like Alibaba and AliExpress.

Who is Shopify for?

Individuals and brands who are willing to pay for advertising.

Important note: For those who don’t know Shopify is not driving traffic to your store, you must be driving organic or paid traffic to your Shopify conversion optimization to make sales.

Setting up a Shopify account isn’t all that difficult. This is almost the same as setting up a Facebook or Instagram account.

Shopify stands out among the best web business stages today. It has the widest range of tools available and can be used.

People love Shopify for two things:

  • business highlights and usability.
  • Any entrepreneur can effectively connect to the Internet because he soon created a rich and powerful online store.

Not only will steps like Shopify help you save money, on-site specialists. Building a Shopify store usually takes two to three hours to create a store.

Website Development

One of the most important points in the assembly of the store itself. By taking advantage of the free trial period of the Shopify platform and installing the theme, you can build the site yourself without any coding skills. Having watched several tutorials in the public domain (preferably in English), you can independently assemble a completely working online store in a relatively short time.

How the Buyer Falls for the Bait

This scheme works so easily that it shows in all its glory the strangeness of the current trading model: “I like lions, so I follow Instagram accounts that post their photos, they post ads, so I go to the site, and now I am all over the Internet. ads with an offer to buy a bracelet with the image of a lion are haunted. Ganon says he creates blogs for his sites. For a lion-themed store, he hastily compiled fun facts about lions by browsing the most popular lion-themed content on MakeBecool. As soon as you click on such an article, you are automatically ranked as a lion fan. This is one of the main goals of content marketing. For example, the founders of a store publish a highly specialized blog that may only be of interest to a certain limited circle of people. However, due to the specifics of the subject matter, each person who follows the link will be a potential client.

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