6 Instagram Formats That Started A Wave In 2020

By Ankit
Sep 25, 2023 Reading time : 6 min

We are halfway through the year 2020! This means we need to do a review of which Instagram trends have made a significant impact. This will help us gain a deeper understanding into the minds of the public and also predict which trends will stick around! 

Why Is It So Important to Watch Out for These Trends? 

Well, for the simple reason that the algorithm that Instagram is thriving on, will definitely recognize trends. When this happens, the algorithm will broadcast all the trending content to different demographics of people all over the world! 

This means that, just by jumping in on a trend, your content could potentially be broadcasted to hundreds of thousands – even millions of people. Such a great chance to get your 15 seconds of fame, isn’t it? 

But, recognizing trends is not that easy. By the time the general public recognizes the trend, it is already losing steam – or there is too much traffic clouding the trend. Well, what could you do to jump in on the bandwagon before it leaves the station? 

There are two simple answers – either you create your own trend and hope you are lucky enough for it to connect with millions of people. Or, you could understand what makes trends and then tap into a new trend every time one comes around. With an understanding of the general population, you can gather an understanding and capitalize on each trend! 

Without further ado, here are some of the trends we must watch out for in 2020.

  1. IGTV Takes Center-Stage 

Video content consumption is on a continuous rise thanks to cheap internet rates and more and more digital features to play with. Instagram is probably the most used social media platform in the world. In a bid to keep consumers engaged continually, they have significantly increased the video-sharing capabilities of the platform. 

Traditionally, the app started off with a 59-second cap on videos. As they noticed more and more people are consuming more internet on a daily basis, they took some steps. Their steps to gain more consumer interaction may have very well contributed to the monstrous need for data that the world has developed. This trend is far from over. The trend continues to grow. You should look up some video marketing tips to better understand how to use this feature to your advantage.

  1. Interactive Instagram Stories

Instagram launched the “stories” feature in 2016. It has garnered more and more use over the years. This is practically due to the innovative features they keep adding to it. People like to share what they are doing on a daily basis but not really keep it in their feed forever. By understanding how best to use this demand to get more interactions, Instagram has done a great job at increasing interactions.

This feature on Instagram has nifty features like polls and answers that only the user can see, and this gives a great amount of privacy to the user. Privacy, being an ardent passive demand by people, has garnered wide acceptance by the users of the app. There are many more features that make Instagram stories widely popular, which makes it something to watch out for. 

  1. The Explore Tab

The Explore tab is the feature that probably gets the most use from content consumers. The explore tab traditionally started out as a suggested posts feature that suggested posts similar to ones already liked by users. Since then, it has evolved tremendously.

The explore tab now offers suggestions based on likes, comments, and also activity from accounts the user follows and interacts with! This has increased the horizon of the usage, which in turn pushes more time spent on the app. The explore tab is one of the features that single-handedly contribute to most of the usage time Instagram receives. 

  1. Shoppable Influencer Posts

People are now relying upon social media sites for the latest fashion trends. So, how about turning a social media platform into a passive online marketplace? This is what Instagram has been working on, and the work can be seen with the shoppable posts that Instagram has introduced. By introducing this feature, Instagram has widely increased interactivity from its users. 

Although Instagram does not have a payment gateway (YET – who knows what they will come up with next!?), users can click on the posts, view the price, and visit the website. Influencers can use this feature to pique consumer interest and drive traffic to their website and also, of course, drive sales! 

  1. The Collection Tab

Like a post or a piece of clothing too much? Do you really like the workout routine an influencer has shared? Well, just click on the collection icon and save it in your personal diary of posts for later! Instagram has really made a smart move by introducing this feature. The Instagram algorithm measures the use of this feature to derive whether the influencer is share-worthy or not and, accordingly, broadcasts the content to more people! But it has more uses too! 

The algorithm will keep a record of the saved posts to give post suggestions in the explore tab, which will keep the user engrossed with the app for more time! This smart feature by Instagram helps influencers and helps measure user activity. It is this kind of innovation by Instagram that sits at the crux of the answer to the question, “What makes Instagram so widely used and why it will continue to be used in the future?”

  1. Sharing Twitter Threads

Well, now, that is something that shows Instagram is just dominating the social media landscape. When we see content from a rival social media app being broadcasted on Instagram, we can safely say that Instagram is definitely making success as a quintessential social media app. 

Twitter’s algorithm is a bit different compared to Instagram’s algorithm. This creates an opportunity for usage. Social media influencers have noticed that they get many more interactions from Instagram and thus have started to screenshot and post their own tweets on Instagram! Now that does not mean Twitter is redundant because Twitter has its own perks too! Just that Instagram is doing a great job reaching out to people as a social media app. 

These are some of the trends that have already made a significant impact on usage and are set to make more of an impact in the near future. Instagram is a significant force in the online advertisement space, and in order to reach out to maximum people, you should know how to use it. If not, you could hire professionals that have great Instagram marketing packages in their portfolio for the best chance of success with the platform.

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