Undergo Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to Cure Severe Illnesses!

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With the advancement in medicinal science, the medical industry is coming up with improved and non-invasive techniques to cure illnesses. Among other healing methods, hyperbaric oxygen therapy is getting quite popular these days. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is the technique used to treat people using the purest form of oxygen. It helps to speed up the healing of carbon monoxide poisoning, infections, decompression sickness, stubborn wounds, etc., by supplying adequate amounts of oxygen to the affected area. The goal of hyperbaric oxygen therapy near you is to fill enough oxygen in the bloodstream for repairing tissues and restoring normal body functioning. 

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    What are the Common Conditions That can be Cured Using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

    Considering the hyperbaric oxygen therapy cost, some individuals wonder if it is a good idea to go for it. However, the number of severe illnesses that can be cured with the therapy, makes it a go-to option. Let us check out the diseases that can be improved with the treatment:

    • Gas gangrene
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning(usually faced by scuba divers, firefighters, and miners)
    • Cyanide poisoning
    • Decompression sickness
    • Crush injuries
    • Inadequate blood flow in the arteries
    • Bone infection
    • Compromised skin grafts or flaps
    • Air bubbles trapped in blood vessels 
    • Severe infections
    • Stubborn wounds that are not healing due to diabetes

    What Can You Expect During the Therapy?

    To start with, you can not go for hyperbaric oxygen therapy without a prior prescription. Several clinical facilities or hospitals are offering the therapy. The patients are allowed to relax comfortably in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. As the chamber is filled with the purest form of oxygen to reach the patient’s bloodstream, patients are asked to relax and take deep breaths. The therapy sessions may last up to 2 hours. The blood carries additional oxygen in each part of the body. This helps the infected areas or injured tissues to receive adequate amounts of oxygen to commence with the healing process.  

    After the therapy, the patient’s ears may temporarily get plugged due to increased pressure inside the chamber. The minor side effects of the therapy may include mild headache or heaviness, nausea, fatigue, and claustrophobia. Since the patients are required to take multiple therapy sessions for complete healing, they need to know the cost of hyperbaric oxygen therapy beforehand. The patients need to check with their medical insurance providers to ensure that the therapy is included in the insurance policy. 

    Precautions to be Taken While Opting for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy:

    Not everyone can go for hyperbaric oxygen treatment. Especially the individuals who have recently undergone ear surgery or ear trauma, a cold or fever, lung diseases, etc., will be restricted to opt for the therapy by the health care provider. The possible complications of the therapy include eye damage, sinus, trauma to the middle ear, and some more. 

    Therefore, considering the potential risks, it is crucial to decide on going for hyperbaric oxygen therapy mindfully. Have a detailed discussion with your healthcare provider before making a final decision.

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