Take a Look at Huawei’s Audio Range: Sound Investment for 2024

Take a Look at Huaweis Audio Range
Jan 12, 2024 Reading time : 4 min

Huawei is most known for its revolutionary design and technology for smartphones and tablets. Still, recently it has widened its portfolio and made a name for itself in sound and audio. 

Devialet 4/Sound X

Made in collaboration with Devialet, the French amplifier and speaker manufacturer, this $285 speaker is both an aesthetic and sonic treat. 

The Devialet 4 has 360° immersive sound, a feature that is made possible by the design, which positions three tweeters at 120-degree angles around the speaker. So, no matter where it’s placed, sound comes out really well. It can fill a living room easily. You could place it in the middle of a room and start a party; all you need to do is buy snacks and drinks using the Publix weekly ad for guidance, or download and use the Ubereats app, or better yet, call in a private chef or caterer.

It has three sound profiles; Hi-Fi, Devialet SPACE Soundstage, and Voice, which you can switch between using the Huawei AI Life app. It also has the option to increase or decrease the bass. 

Enter, the True Wireless Audio Family. Every one of these products has been created to suit listeners with different style preferences, needs, and budgets. 

FreeBuds Pro

The FreeBuds Pro gives you a concert experience with noise-canceling technology and a 

deep, dynamic sound. The hybrid active noise cancellation system onboard detects residual sounds from outside and within the ear using inward and outwards facing microphones.

The dynamic drivers are then used to provide a precise anti-noise signal and produce up to four noise-canceling effects of up to 40 db1.

To match the exceptional sound, the FreeBuds Pro comes in three different stylish colors; classic Carbon Black, Silver Frost with a soft metallic shine, and a sophisticated Ceramic White. 

If you are a vlogger, these are the earbuds for you. The FreeBuds Pro has high-quality wireless recording. Everything you record is reproduced authentically. The battery lasts up to 36hours, and you can reverse charge the case with your phone or tablet if you need to. 

FreeBuds 4i

The FreeBuds 4i has a modern design with a high polish finish and streamlined curves. They come in Carbon Black and Ceramic White, with an oval charging case. 

Priced at $159, these earbuds are just right if you’re on a budget but still want the wireless experience. 

For the price, an added bonus is the noise-cancellation feature. The earbuds have sensors that can detect and decrease ambient sound for an undisturbed listening experience. 

These earbuds have impressive battery life. A full charge will give you 10 hours of uninterrupted listening, while a quick 10-minute charge will give you 4 hours of music. 

You can easily pair the FreeBuds 4i with Huawei’s EMUI system. All you do is open the case and a prompt will pop up on your smartphone to connect. After that, the earbuds will connect automatically to your device whenever you open your case. Other non-Huawei devices can just pair using Bluetooth settings. 

FreeBuds Studio Headphones 

Talk about high-resolution audio. The $400 wireless FreeBud Studio Headphones offer excellent audio produced by sophisticated acoustic components and a Hi-Fi level audio chip. The high-resolution sound comes from the 4Hz to 48kHz ultrawide frequency response. 

With a series of sensors and smart chipsets, the headphones have various noise cancellation settings. The FreeBuds headphones can switch modes depending on your environment: from active noise-cancellation, to call noise-cancellation and hear-through sound. 

These headphones are also perfect for an immersive gaming experience; the low latency gaming mode allows for picture action and sound to be synced flawlessly. A single charge gives up to 24 hours of listening time with active noise control turned off. With noise control on, the headphones can be used for playback for up to 20 hours. 

(*All prices from Huawei’s online store)


Huawei has made great strides in technology, and its products offer a high-quality experience. Their headphones and FreeBuds range offer sound-canceling technology, giving crisp sound to the listener. They have excellent battery life and are suitable for gaming, vlogging, and the usual music entertainment.

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