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People express their ideas and opinions in different ways, such as by talking and writing. Because of this, blogging and vlogging have become more prevalent in recent years in this digital era, where content is considered to be the most crucial aspect of a website.

Some people even refer to content as the queen. Queen articles are authored by several authors, and the posts include keyword-optimized titles. As a blogger, you must create outstanding content to compete with other sites on which hundreds of new posts are made monthly. 

However, generating new quality content is a tedious process that scares most bloggers, especially those who love talking more than writing. But did you know that you can create blog posts easily with voice transcriptions? Yes. You don’t have to struggle writing to create blog posts if you are a talented talker. 

Below is a guide on how to create blog posts by talking.

Recording Your Ideas

You must determine your niche and specialize to succeed in the business world. Before recording your ideas for transcription, you should brainstorm various topics that may interest your potential and existing customers. To create a brain dump of thoughts and opinions, you can either record yourself or another person talking about each topic. 

You don’t need fancy recording tools and equipment for recording, as long as the audio quality is top-notch. 


After recording your ideas, the content is ready for transcription. All you should do is upload the audio to online transcription services such as Rev. The platforms are designed to convert your audio recordings into text, which they send back as Word documents. The process involves the conversion of audio into blogs. 

Editing to Your Requirements

With a word document in your possession, you are only a few steps from your goal. The most crucial thing at this step is to edit the document to your liking and polish it up desirably while adding some great titles and subtitles. Do not forget to add a call to action as well – it is the perfect way to refer readers to your website for more blogs. 

You can add great images to go with the content and grab the readers’ attention. Images are a perfect way to attract readers’ attention, and you should take optimal advantage of the feature in your blogs.

Publishing the Content

With a well-written and perfectly edited blog post, the remaining step is to publish it on your blog to get it live. 

Essential Tools You Need to Create Your Blog Posts with Voice Transcription

The computer age offers a range of tools to allow you to create blog posts with voice transcriptions. Here are some popular and easily acceptable ones:


Staying ahead of your competitors as a blogger means staying at the forefront of strategies and techniques. Creating blog posts with voice transcription portrays you as a futurist who uses the latest tools to fulfill your customers’ needs. Your smartphone is one of these tools – it allows you to create quality content easily with other options such as color-coding your audio. 

The latter allows each file you write to be tagged with its unique color, making it visually different from the rest. The feature lets readers quickly find the specific file and the related information in one place. 

Notes App

The Android version of your smartphone’s OS allows you to create a text file on your notes app. You can then watch the video or read through the recorded audio and note the crucial points as they appear in your blog post.

The next step is to repetitively view and organize the transcript – delete any unnecessary information – as the notes app helps you to focus on the most significant bits. That way, you only publish great content that keeps the readers glued for updates about new content.

Engage Your Online Community

Maintaining a significant presence in the online community is the key to success today, whether you are a blogger or not. By interacting and engaging with people online, you can create a loyal following, which can turn into your loyal readers, always waiting for new content on your website. 

Online engagement is also perfect for promoting your business while enjoying a more significant readership.
The success of any content marketer depends on the quality of the blog posts they create. Creating quality blog posts allows you to share knowledge while connecting with potential customers, despite being an overwhelming task. However, with the above tips and guidelines, you will have an easier time creating quality blog posts with speech transcription services while attracting more traffic and keeping them glued to your blog.

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