Things to Keep in Mind When You’re Choosing Glass Backsplash Tiles

Sep 28, 2023 Reading time : 3 min

Deciding what tiles would go in your kitchen? Yes, the best pick would be glass tiles backsplash. This option provides a variety of designs and prices that can suit different needs. It’s a very durable material and has other pros for your kitchen. But before you finalize a glass tile, there are a few things that you should keep in mind to pick the right ones. 


The function of kitchen tiles is way different from the ones in the bathroom or bedroom floor. The glass backsplash tiles should be able to protect the wall from splashes. 


When talking about durability, glass material might be the last on the list, right? But don’t let this image of the glass fool you because glass backsplash tiles for the kitchen can be anything but weak. This is one of the strongest tiling materials that retain its shine and other characteristics even after a year of usage. 

Tile size

You may think why would the size of the title matter? What role does it play anyway? Well, the size of the tiles does have an important role. Larger-sized tiles are suggested for flooring of the house while if you are looking for backsplash tiles for the kitchen, smaller size is highly suggested. But that doesn’t mean you should completely lookout for the bigger ones, pick the size carefully.

Style and layout

Whenever you are doing your kitchen interior, you must select the overall style and layout. The tiles help you create the style you want like If you want a modern look, you will find a plethora of kitchen tiles to choose from. Or if you want a contemporary-looking kitchen, there is a different range for that as well. Another thing that is important to keep in mind is the size of the kitchen space. With the right selection of home décor tiles, you can give your kitchen an open feeling making it look bigger than it actually is. For instance, when you use the same design of tiles on the floor and walls of the kitchen, it can make your kitchen look bigger and more spacious.


You’ve selected the most expensive and the best-looking glass tile backsplash for your kitchen. You expect that it’s going to change the whole outlook of your kitchen which it is supposed to do. But, it can still end up looking average or even less if you don’t get the right color of the grout. 

Never ever forget that choosing the correct color of the grout even in the kitchen is very important. Grout in a completely contrasting color will highlight lines and the design. You certainly don’t want lines where the pieces of the tiles join to highlight. It looks messy, unfinished business. grout in a complementary shade as the tile will blend in giving a subtle even effect. Ensure your grouted areas are sealed to prevent staining.

Keep these things in mind while choosing a glass backsplash tile for your kitchen. 

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