How to Hire the Right Electrician in Singapore

Electrician in Singapore
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Nowadays, the service market in Singapore has become so competitive that many homeowners find it hard to choose a contractor. On the positive, the high competition has raised the quality of the services. Still, homeowners often find it hard to hire the right electrician. 

Of course, electrical works have always posed a risk for both the expert and owner’s health. In this regard, you must hire a specialist that will guarantee quality service and professional safety. Luckily, these seven considerations will help you hire the right electrician for your needs:

License and Qualification

Undoubtedly, the first thing to consider before opting for electrical services is whether the company or contractor has a license. In Singapore, the government requires all professionals to undergo training before getting a certification. While the task may seem routine, it will ensure that the person you’re hiring understands the safety practices during electrical works. What’s more, you may need someone who has expertise in working with different systems.

In this regard, any decent service provider should provide the needed licensing. Typically, lots of electrician service companies have a master electrician and apprentices. In such cases, you must ensure that your specialist has the certification to work without supervision.

Proper Gear

Of course, no pro can work without the proper equipment. Therefore, one of the first things you should ask your electrician is what kind of equipment he uses. In this regard, you must think of all types of electrical issues your contractor will have to fix. 

Still, this factor doesn’t always mean you’re talking to a pro. However, the amount of diverse and high-quality equipment often relates to expertise. In other words, an electrical services company that has all kinds of tools is more likely to provide positive results. Besides, experts often need more advanced tools. This rule usually applies when fixing systems in commercial buildings.


Perhaps, experience is one of the most ignored qualities to consider when hiring an electrician. In Singapore, checking your specialist’s background and experience in the field should be among the first things to do. Indeed, hiring someone who has been in the business for longer is a lot more reliable. Besides, a seasoned electrician is more likely to succeed in the given task. 

Perhaps, one way to ensure your contractor has decent experience is to check online. Past clients often leave comments regarding the quality of service and expertise. On the other hand, you can directly contact the company and ask about past jobs completed in your area of residence.


Arguably, no expert is perfect at his job, so no matter the experience, accidents can happen at any time. Therefore, you’d expect your electrician to provide proper insurance before starting work. Usually, all licensed electrical service companies cover possible expenses in an accident. 

In some cases, owners may also opt for repair insurance. That way, they’ll get a guarantee that the service will provide a long-term solution. Either way, you should check the availability of such insurances by simply asking the company.

Client Feedback

Undoubtedly, looking for previous clients’ feedback is the best way to evaluate a contractor’s work. Therefore, you should include reading some review sites online in your checklist. There you will find first-hand reviews of your contractor’s electrician services. 

Typically, the best way to do it is to visit homes, where it provides a thorough list of electricians in Singapore. Moreover, all companies included have great experience in the business and lots of positive reviews.

Customer Service

Like any other service, hiring an electrician requires talking to the contractor before doing anything. Usually, this happens through emails or calls but may also include online chat if the company website has the feature. Whatever the means, the contractor’s response reflects their work ethic. In other words, a prompt reply with accurate info would indicate higher reliability. 

Of course, you should also make sure you clarify your needs and the nature of your electrical problem. In such cases, you must provide all the details in full regarding wiring or damaged devices. If you need installation services, you should schedule an appointment in advance. That way, you’ll allow the specialist to understand the problem area better. Besides, chances are you’re going to get a proper estimate of the service.


Last but not least, before hiring an electrician, learn more about whether he will be available when it’s suitable for you. Sometimes, unexpected issues may arise and endanger the entire home. On the other hand, you may be dealing with a minor problem that is unlikely to impact your daily life.

Either way, it’s best to contact an electrical service that’s available 24/7. That way, you’ll rely on their expertise at any time and day of the year. Ultimately, they will fix your issue faster than any other contractor and prevent the problem from becoming more critical.


No matter the size of your electrical problem, hiring a suitable contractor is essential to solving your issue on time. Therefore, you should choose a seasoned expert who has the tools and experience to handle such tasks. Luckily, you can find the best among many by following these tips. Besides, you can always use some of them when looking for other contractors, too.

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