A Comprehensive Guide to Live Sports Betting

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If you want to learn about live sports betting in-depth, then this thorough guide will surely help you. You certainly have come to the right place as this is the one-stop solution for you. You will have a clear understanding of live betting, its prominent subtypes, the benefits of living better, and why you should be cautious while playing. Let’s start reading this useful write-up.

Understanding Live Betting

Also called “In-Play Betting”, live betting is a type of gambling that is initiated only after the game starts. All the viewers of the game can place live bets throughout the game. The twist comes when the game changes in between due to the different responses by the players or teams involved. The twist brought in can either make a positive or negative favor for living better. 22bet.com.gh/live is an incredible platform through which any registered user can place online live bets in different sports and note the progress throughout the game. 

Live betting became so popular that many people quit their full-time job to get fully involved in live betting and make it their only source of income. However, the pandemic, Covid 19 reduced the opportunities for sports betting to zero. This shifted the culture of offline sports betting to online live sports betting. Its influence is so strong today that online betting has dominated offline betting, which used to be practiced on a large scale before.

Types of Live Bets in Trend

Prop Bet 

This form of bet is specifically centered around occurrences or non-occurrence in the whole sporting event. The bet can be placed on any single player or achievement of any team, and thus, it is also known as a “Novelty Bet”.

Its significant examples include the total goals scored in Hockey, the total number of rebounds a center will have in Basketball, and the total strikes a pitcher can throw in Major League Baseball.


Depending upon geographical regions, Parlays have different names, such as “accumulators”, “multis,” and so on. The Parlays bet is simple. It combines all the individual wagers into a single entity. The proceeds are transferred from each individual to his/her next wager. If any single entity (group formed) wants to win the bet, then every individual wager participating in the Parlays bet has to win.

There are many stories about this type of live bet. Moreover, the two famous movies, “Silver Linings Playbook” and “Uncut Gems” were made revolving around risky parlay bets. The stories of both films were appreciated by the viewers immensely.


The benefits of getting involved in any live betting are as follows: 

  • The topmost benefit is that you are given full freedom to choose any game on which you are going to place live bets. Instead of placing a bet before a game starts, you can bet anytime throughout the game.
  • You can also avail the benefit of hedging in live betting, which was not provided to those who used to place bets before the game started. There are chances the team on which you bet may win early. In such a case, you can bet with your opponents and demand a decent profit in return.
  • You are watching several games and thus enhancing your knowledge about them in a comprehensive way. It adds to your current knowledge that improves your skills in live game betting.
  • You will know the eligibility criteria and the required physical and mental capability of any player. It again benefits you. For instance, have placed a bet on a player playing a tennis match. You noticed that the player is feeling fatigued and can’t play efficiently ahead. You can place the bet according to such a situation that will favor you in the end.


There is no assured guarantee that the tips explained in this article will definitely provide you with success. The information shared through this write-up is meant to increase awareness about live betting. 

Moreover, all aspects of online live betting are the same as any gambling in most countries. Its advertising on a large scale encourages the idea of gambling in society which can degrade human morale and, thus, deeds.

Therefore, it’s advised to be very cautious while playing, as live betting is quite risky. Try to place any bet within your respective limits and never wait to stop when you don’t enjoy it, or the results are not in your favor. 

Frequently Asked Questions
In which countries is live betting legal?

The United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia, Hong Kong, Ireland, Macau, and some other prominent countries have termed “live betting” as legal.

Which sports are the most profitable for live betters?

Tennis, Horse Racing, Basketball, Baseball, and Cricket are the most profitable sports for placing live bets. 

What are the odds in live betting?

Odds are a form of statistics that indicates crucial decision-making factors, such as an approximate idea of your earnings from the bet vs the total sum of money you have placed as a bet. Odds are calculated in all forms of betting, including money lines, totals, or spreads, with the help of professional betting providers.

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