A Detailed Guide on Shipping from the USA to Canada

Updated On January 13, 2023 | by Samara Davis


The shipping process can be complicated without accurate services. There has been a shift within the last few centuries in prominent rises in the demand for low-cost, efficient, and convenient shipping to Canada from US. Why? No region has more to offer in terms of international trade than Canada. 

When researchers talk about online shipping in the country, they are talking about a market where at least 96.5 percent of the community has internet access — that seems to be 31 million opportunities for customers. 

About the Shipment 

Canada is among the United States’ most important trading partners, with far more from over $1 trillion in trade between the two countries in 2021. Delivery partners are the real heroes when shipping goods from the US to this country. Whether in the e-commerce or manufacturing industries or moving from the United States to here, running the shipment can only be financially viable when you have the correct shipments and courier partner. To ensure timely and secure delivery, you should always choose a service based on your delivery requirements, costs, and speed.

Canada does have important sectors such as the aircraft industry, auto parts, mining, and renewable energy. Business is booming, and shipping plays a massive role in its growth.

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The Solutions

When shipping to Canada, you have a few options for international mail services. The USPS is usually the most popular option when transporting ultra-light products. 

Customs Clearance

Customs must clear all parcels, and Canada is no exception. In addition, it has several regulations to ensure public safety, particularly regarding imported goods. The transportation services will guide you through the complicated custom process. 

Below are a few factors to consider when shipping to Canada from the US:

  • You will be required to declare the contents of your package.
  • You must finish your automated customs invoice. Fill out each section completely and in as far more detail as possible; mistakes will only result in delays and additional fees.
  • The authorities must also determine how much tax and duty should be applied to your mistakes and declare the value.

To get your shipment or courier delivered urgently, you need to include a few additional pieces of information in your customs and clearance work. 

Why Do Shipping Partners Matter?

With so many international rules and regulations, shipping processes can be challenging. A trusted partner will help you with custom duties, prohibited items, etc. If you are planning to move to Canada, trusted services can assist. Several options allow you to send envelopes, boxes, televisions, etc. For instance, you can send a 25 lb box for about $40 from the USA to Canada. They will take care of the entire process and make it highly smooth for you. So, look for a trusted partner for an enhanced experience. 


Canada is a thriving international market to enter. Because of its location, the Canadian market is a valuable investment for US businesses. However, anticipating and preparing for costs can provide the most favorable rates to international customers. The nature of shipment and importing goods can be challenging, but with the correct shipping partners, things become more smooth and more reliable.