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Workers’ Compensation
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Chicago has a long construction history, having grown from an uninhabited area to an entire municipality over several generations in the early 1800s. The city became the fifth-largest in the world as its population increased from 30,000 to over 1 million. To this day, the city’s construction industry is booming. The boom in the construction industry has led to more employment. But the grim side is that with more people involved in the construction industry, this sector has witnessed a sharp rise in workplace accidents and mishaps. 

Do you acknowledge your rights as an employee if you are concerned or affected by these mishaps? If you don’t, you can find the best guidance from a Chicago workers compensation attorney. These professionals will fight for workers’ rights and deliver rightful compensation to the victims. This post will explore various aspects of workers’ compensation.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Workers’ compensation is a government-mandated insurance program that provides medical treatment and income replacement for injured employees. Workers’ compensation laws vary by state, but all states require employers to carry workers’ comp policies.

Workers’ compensation benefits in Chicago include medical care, disability payments, and vocational rehabilitation services. Workers who are permanently disabled due to their workplace injuries may be eligible for permanent disability benefits as well.

The costs of these benefits are paid entirely by the employer’s workers’ comp insurance carrier. 

The primary aim of workers’ compensation laws is to guarantee that injured employees can receive quality medical care without worrying about being fired because they missed work while recovering from an injury caused by work-related activities. In addition, it ensures that those unable to work due to workplace injuries will continue receiving some income even if they can no longer perform their current jobs.

How can You Claim Workers’ Compensation?

  • You must understand how the legal process works in Chicago if you’ve been injured and believe you should be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. You must also work with an experienced attorney who can guide you through your claim from start to finish.
  • The first step in getting workers’ compensation is filing a claim with your employer. It’s important to file within 30 days of the accident or illness that caused the injury, but you have up to 2 years after your injury to file a claim if it wasn’t obvious right away that you needed medical attention.
  • The next step is to contact an attorney specializing in this area of law and discuss your situation with them. A Chicago workers’ compensation attorney can assist you in determining whether or not your employer-provided adequate personal safety equipment or if they were negligent in some other way that contributed to your injury. If so, they may be able to assist you in recovering damages from your employer’s insurance company.

Final Thoughts:

Understanding your legal rights and responsibilities after an injury is vital in minimizing the impact on your life. The first step you can take to receive the compensation you deserve for your work-related injury is to contact a workers’ compensation attorney. An experienced workplace injury lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and ensure that those responsible for the accident are held liable for their actions.

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