20+ Fail-Safe Gift Ideas for Every Type of Guy in Your Life

Gift Ideas for Every Type of Guy
Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 5 min

When in a rut for gift ideas, it’s easy to do a quick search on Google and find a roster of the best gifts to give men. But not all of them are the same. Men have different tastes and quirks—simply giving them a basic one-size-fits-all present won’t do if you want to make an impression.

This list aims to solve that problem as it enumerates the best gift ideas for every type of guy, whether they’re into games, sports, or everything in between.

For the Fitness Junkie

These men will love anything that they can use for staying fit and active. A fool-proof gift would be high-quality sportswear. Besides his measurements, make sure to consider the brand of sportswear he likes. A lot of men are picky about their activewear.

Another excellent gift suggestion is a fitness watch, which will measure his activity and monitor his vital signs. When choosing a fitness tracker, specs and price aren’t the only factors to consider, so it’s essential to research each brand and type first.

Gifts for the Nerds

It’s pretty easy to shop for gifts for guys that refer to themselves as “nerds.” But before checking out, learn what he’s into at the moment.

If he’s into board games, get him fun new ones, like Star Wars: Outer Rim, Wingspan, or Sherlock Holmes.

If he’s into collecting stuff, getting him a new item to add to their collection is a great idea. For example, men who are into medieval collectibles will absolutely love getting a full-sized gothic knight armor to display in their den.

For the Bookworm


Whether they’re a comic book fan or a sucker for the classics, getting these men a good book to read in their free time is a sure win.

There are different genres to choose from—thrillers, historical, or even romance—but if unsure, it’s best to stick to self-help books. Some great self-improvement titles to consider include:

  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
  • The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson
  • Awaken the Giant Within by Anthony Robbins
  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

If self-help books are not his thing, your safest bet is to get a new book from their favorite author. Alternatively, you can go the extra mile and snoop around for his reading list this year. He’ll be pleasantly surprised to get a copy of a title he’s been meaning to read but hasn’t gotten to purchasing a copy. 

For the Tech-Savvy

Those who love their gadgets will appreciate getting one. Some great suggestions include a quality Bluetooth speaker, a powerful storage drive, or an all-in-one charging station.

But before anything else, make sure to check whether or not they already have a similar item. You don’t want your gift going to waste.

For Those Who Love Their Drinks

Men may be beer drinkers, but they’re not just that. They love their alcohol, and this includes wine.

Wine is perfect for special occasions—may it be a work promotion or becoming a grandpa for the first time. Whatever that is, they’ll love to receive a customized wine gift basket curated for men. Aside from wine, they’ll enjoy getting some delicious snacks and accessories along with it.

For the Fashion Forward

Women aren’t the only ones that are conscious of how they look. Men also love styling up and looking good.

For the fashionista guy, get him a piece of clothing or accessory that matches his usual style. Unsure? Stick to timeless pieces that he can pair with almost any outfit, which include the following:

  • A premium cashmere sweater
  • A boxy crew tee in different colors
  • A corduroy bucket hat
  • A Levi’s denim jacket
  • Some Converse Chuck Taylor high tops

For the Handyman

For the men whose hands can’t help but tinker and fix things, get them good tools they can use. Whether that’s a pocket multitool or an entire tool chest, handymen are sure to put these gifts to the test in no time.

Don’t forget to get them something that can help them relax after a long day’s work, too. This may be a neck massage pillow or a mug tumbler to keep their drinks warm while they work.

For the Basic No-Nonsense Dude

There’s always that one guy who simply “wants nothing.” Honestly, they’re the hardest ones to shop for gifts. The key to choosing a fail-safe gift is to focus on practicality.

Give them gifts that they’re sure to use, whether at work, home, or going out. Some excellent basic gift ideas include the following:

  • Plain-colored shirts
  • A decent watch
  • Comfy socks
  • A handwarmer mug
  • An RFID-blocking wallet
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    It’s the Thought That Counts

    They always say, “It’s the thought that counts.” But it brings us more joy seeing men appreciate and use the presents we give, doesn’t it? Get an idea or two from the list above, and most importantly, have fun shopping! 

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