Getting Over It Unblocked: Be the Hammer Master and Beat the Hurdles!

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Looking for a simple yet addictive game? Getting Over It Unblocked is one of the most challenging games for you. 

Just like OvO Unblocked, you have to cross several barriers on your path here to reach your final destination. It sounds so easy, isn’t it? 

Don’t worry, the developers have introduced a twist. Your character will be imprisoned in a pot and can only go ahead with the help of a hammer, which you have to move as fast as you can.

Getting Over It Unblocked Game User-Interface

Let’s open some more cards and get to know about Getting Over It free unblocked game, its gameplay, features, and other things in detail. 

Get Over It Unblocked: Overview and Features

Getting Over It is an arcade climbing game with unique gameplay, like BitLife Unblocked, Cookie Clicker Unblocked, and other similar games.

Inspired by Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy, the unblocked version of the game was developed by Griffpatch in April 2020. Here, a cat is locked in a pot, and you can use a hammer to push, drag, and throw it further while crossing colorful blocks and oversized fruits, which are the real hurdles. While jumping ahead, you should also take care of the timing if you want to be a high scorer.

Here are some features of the game: 

  • Physics-based but easy gameplay. 
  • Movements can only be done by using a hammer.
  • Gradually, the difficulty level starts increasing. 
  • Geting Over It unblocked has a Chrome extension as well. 
  • Highly creative and attractive graphics with fonts over them. 
  • Sounds and commentary options are available. 

You can also buy the Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy version of the game from the Google Play Store and App Store.

How to Play Getting Over It Free Unblocked? 

Are you playing this game for the first time and don’t know what to do? Don’t worry, there is no hard and fast rule to play the game. You just have to know some basics: 

  1. Open the Getting Over It browser site or add the Chrome extension to your device. 
  2. Click on the New Game option from the homepage.
    Select New Game
  1. Now, use your mouse to place the hammer at the right distance and move the character through it.
    Use the hammer to move ahead
  1. Continue playing with different challenging obstacles.
    Cross the hurdles

It might take you some time to understand the movement and use of the hammer to perform better in the game. All you need is patience and practice to get listed among the top scorers. 

Stages of Getting Over It Game Unblocked 

There are three stages in the game, which makes it more challenging and exciting. They include the following:

  • Stage 1

    This is the easiest stage and lets you understand the gameplay. It begins from the start point and extends to the first mountains of objects. 

  • Stage 2

    At this stage, the difficulty level gets higher with more barriers forming high vertical cliffs. The brooms at the top of the cliffs make the game more interesting.

  • Stage 3

    This is the last stage, which begins when you reach the Bad Ending, the hardest obstacle to cross. It contains grills where you can easily get stuck. 

    Once you have completed all the stages, a surprise awaits you. You get a reward at the end. Also, Getting Over It free online will add you to a group chat where other successful players will share their gaming experience. 

Then, you can replay the game and after 50 wins, you can claim a golden pot for the character. 

Unknown Terms of Get Over It Unblocked

There are some alien terms that you may encounter while playing the game. Such terms are explained below in simple words:

  • Gift Box

    If you are hung up somewhere, a gift box may appear in the game. By clicking on it, the crow will fly out and help you. 

  • Bad Ending

    At the top of the final cliff, if your hammer gets stuck to the right, and you fall, the game will say you have a bad ending. 

  • Sexy Hiking

    At the last tower, if you pass but jump to the right, your character will reach the Sexy Hiking game.

How to Perform Better in Get Over It Game Online?

Is this enough to understand the gameplay of Getting Over It unblocked and perform better? Of course not! 

Here are some pro tips that you can apply to become the master of the game:

  • Stay Calm

    First, you should be mentally calm and focused while playing the game. Sometimes, it can be frustrating when you are unable to cross a hurdle. But in that situation, you have to be patient and think about how you can cross it. 

  • Understand the Hammer Movement

    The most important aspect of your performance is the control of the hammer. This is your only tool, and you have to use its placement effectively. For this, you can practice swinging in different directions and at different speeds. 

  • Learn from Other Players

    If you get stuck at a point, it is good to watch the videos of other players so that you can learn new techniques and strategies to cross the hurdles. You will also learn about the errors that you can avoid making this time. 

Also, it is advised to take a break from the game if you get stuck and rethink your strategy to overcome it. 

Final Words

In short, Getting Over It Unblocked is an amazing game with multiple challenges in the form of blocks and fruits. The one thing that will never bore you is its vibrant graphics and realistic sound. So, recall the laws of physics and jump long and high to reach the endpoint soon. 

To make your days fun and exciting, you can also try various other fast-paced unblocked games for schools, offices, and homes, like Rocket League Unblocked, Basketball Stars Unblocked, and so on. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I play Getting Over It free online?

Yes, you can easily play the game online for free on a reliable site through your browser.

Which platforms are compatible with Getting Over It free unblocked?

Get Over It unblocked is compatible with platforms including Chromebook, Desktop, Laptop, and Windows for free.

How to play Getting Over It unblocked at school?

To unblock the game at school, you can try several ways:

  • Switch to personal hotspot
  • Use a proxy server
  • Try with a VPN
  • Change DNS settings
  • Open in incognito mode
What is Getting Over It Scratch?

Getting Over It Unblocked Scratch is an updated version of the original game with many changes in the gameplay to make it more exciting. 


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