6 Most Essential Gambling Terms Any Player Should Remember

Mar 7, 2022 Reading time : 5 min

Without a doubt, gambling these days is more popular than ever before in modern history. Land-based establishments such as Las Vegas generate profits in the billions of dollars, with every day there being full of smoke, thrown chips, and the sounds of slot machines deciding the fate of those brave enough to try to outsmart them. 

Gamblers unable to visit their favorite joints can simply use the online casinos to experience the same quality of service and entertainment without the need to leave their comfy rooms. In modern betting, there is enough room for everyone.

It is therefore only natural that you too might want to begin or return to your gambling adventure. After all, few other activities can offer you a comparable level of thrill and adrenaline rush without being physically dangerous. 

But to get a smooth start and minimize your eventual losses, you should memorize some of the more essential gambling terms, including the bankroll, beginner’s luck, tapping out, RNG, return to player, and house edge. Read on and learn why understanding these phrases can be more than helpful before rushing to play at one of the best online roulette casinos, poker tables, or slot machines.


The bankroll is the most important number when it comes to gambling. It refers to the amount of money you have in your possession and that you intend to use for betting. Having a reasonable bankroll that allows you to keep playing without risk to your finances is essential to a successful gambling adventure.

As a rule of thumb, you should never dedicate more of your earnings to the bankroll than you can potentially lose without any harm to your livelihood. The best strategy would be to create a general budget and calculate how much money you need for bills and any other necessities. If you have some money left, you could use it for your gambling endeavors. 

On top of it all, if you are not a professional gambler or someone with a lot of experience betting, you should not even think about betting more than 10% of your bankroll on a single game. And even then, you should not bet more than 2% of your bankroll on a specific bet. This way, if you lose, you will still have enough money to play again.

Beginner’s Luck

Beginner’s luck is a term used to describe gamblers who have just started playing for the first time. Sometimes, much to seasoned gamblers’ chagrin, novice player wins a game despite their inexperience and lack of strategies and tricks.

However, this luck does not last long, so beginner’s luck is something you should be wary of and enjoy while it lasts, because later on, Lady Luck may not be so forthcoming!

Tapping Out

Tapping out is a gambling term used by gamblers who have lost so much money that they need to quit playing for the time being. In other words, it is the act of stopping your gambling for the day and putting away your chips and cash. Tapping out is an important skill to master if you are serious about being a successful gambler, as it will prevent you from losing too much money so you can keep playing in the future.


RNG stands for “random number generator,” which is a computer algorithm used by many online casinos to randomly determine the outcome of a particular bet or play. Thus, RNG ensures that every player gets the same opportunity to win, so one cannot simply devise a way to predict the results of your move. At the same time, RNG also guarantees that no player can rig the system and get free money.

Return to Player (RTP)

RTP is a term used for a statistic that indicates the percentage of money returned to players when they win money from an online casino. Essentially, the RTP shows how much money a bettor can expect to win relative to their initial investment. 

For example, if a game has an 80% RTP, it means that for every $100 wagered, the players can expect to win $80 over the long run. RTP is a very important statistic for players to consider when choosing a game to play, as it can help you make an informed decision on which gambling establishment to use.

House Edge

House edge is another vital statistic that helps players decide which game to play. It’s the statistical probability that a casino will win over the long run and is calculated by dividing the amount of money the casino wins by the total number of bets placed. 

For example, let’s say that a certain online casino has a house edge of 1%. This means that 1% of all bets placed will be kept by the casino regardless of how often its players win or lose. As such, if you are looking to make money from gambling, you should choose a game with a low house edge.


We hope that now you are able to enjoy and make the most out of your gambling adventure. Remember, there are many casinos out there and you can find a place that suits your betting style and preferences. Casinos offer great games, bonuses, and promotions, so feel free to explore the various options available to you.

Just remember that gambling is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but it’s rather a way to have fun, relax, and pass time. Sometimes luck is on your side, sometimes it isn’t, but as long as you have fun and don’t lose too much money, you should be fine. 

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