Does CCIE Collaboration Have a Future in China?

Feb 21, 2022 Reading time : 3 min

CCIE certification has many directions, and cooperation is one of them. Does CCIE collaboration have a future in China? The answer, of course, is yes.

As for the direction of cooperation, we seldom mention it. Next, let’s have a brief introduction.

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Previously, CCIE Collaboration CCIE training direction was called CCIE Voice, which was called unified communication architect. From the name, we can know that this direction has a lot to do with voice and instant messaging. After changing to CCIE Collaboration, CCIE Collaboration tests the expertise required to design, implement, and troubleshoot complex assistance solutions, including voice, video, instant messaging, telepresence, and call center. If you can get the corresponding certification through the CCIE collaboration direction, it means that you have the corresponding skills mentioned above, and it also shows that you understand how to deploy cooperation systems and services to improve the efficiency of users. In turn, it will improve the customer experience through practical and vulnerability-free user experience.

CCIE collaboration direction of the examination, like other directions of CCIE, needs candidates to take the theory test and experimental test. At present, the theoretical test is CCIE Collaboration Written v2.0, the test code is 400-051, and the test time is two hours. The experimental test of cooperation direction is CCIE Collaboration Lab v2.0, and the test time is eight hours. Both theory and experiment are version 2.0.

So does CCIE collaboration have a future in China?

First of all, it is not difficult for us to see the importance of the direction of cooperation. Voice, video, and instant messaging have brought a lot of convenience to our lives. Therefore, many enterprises are open to talents in this field. If there is a demand in the market, the future of its development naturally deserves our affirmation.

How can an enterprise judge whether you are a talent in the direction of cooperation? At this time, the importance of CCIE collaboration is reflected. CCIE certification is an expert technical certificate in the Cisco certification system. Enterprises know the ability of people who can get this certificate. For individuals, this certification is good proof, for a certificate worth thousands of words.

And in the current market, the salary of a network engineer with CCIE certification is usually higher than that of a person without CCIE certification. The annual salary gap is about 3.75 times for two years, 3.33 times for five years, and 10 times for more than five years. From here we can know that CCIE collaboration has a bright future in China.

Of course, the range of salary is also related to personal ability. If you really have a deep understanding of the process of learning CCIE collaboration and can continuously absorb and make progress in the process of work, then the future can be said to be unlimited.

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