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Websites to Create Characters
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Designing your favorite manga characters is a fun thing to be carried out. The users can create their desired avatars and export them in PNG, JPG, SVG formats. While making these characters seem enthralling and creative, it’s essential to find the apps that easily let you do the same. 

Since the internet is bustling with numerous manga makers applications, finding the one that suits your requirements might be intimidating. But don’t freak out, as we are here to help. Mangago

The guide mentioned below will assist you in creating free Manga characters in the least possible time. Here’s the rundown of 6 free manga character maker websites to get started.

What are Manga Characters?

As the name suggests, Manga characters are building blocks of the Manga. These almost have distinctive eyes, hair color, and faces. Manga characters look a bit western and different from other animes due to these features. 

Manga characters generally reflect exaggerated emotions. When they cry, tears pour out in buckets, and when they smile, their face seems engulfed by the size of their mouth.

When did Manga Start?

Before designing characters of Manga, it’s good to dig the concept a bit deeper. Manga is said to originate dating back to the 12th and 13th centuries. Toba Ehon, a book of drawing, embedded this concept of Manga during the Edo period.

Manga is a Japanese term that can be translated as “Comic”, and the word was first used in the late 18th century. Historians and writers have described two broad views shaping modern Manga. Mangaowl is a website that allows you to read manga online.

Moreover, they have considered that Manga is greatly influenced by historical and cultural events followed by World War II and Pre-Meiji Japanese art and culture.

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How to Enlarge Manga Images?


So, now you are well aware of the manga maker apps to customize the manga character depending on your taste and preferences. But what if your saved image won’t fit the screen? Well, in that case, you need to opt for image enlargement. 

Most users worry about enlarging the image and think that their work might lose the original quality, but this is far away from reality. Plenty of image enhancers are available over the internet, increasing manga images’ size without dropping the quality. 

One such option is Waifu2x. This web-based application comes with a simple interface and can enhance the image by 10x resolution while maintaining the actual quality. It is available for free and requires no installation or signup.

Main Characteristics of Manga Characters

Before you choose any of the manga makers, it’s always good to know the main characteristics of the manga characters to customize them appropriately. Here are mentioned some of them. 

  • Solder Silhouettes is yet another significant feature of manga characters. These are known for having large eyeballs that instantly grab everyone’s attention. Their expressive and big eyes powerfully convey the characters’ emotions. 
  • Their bodies usually have a proportion of seven heads or more. 
  • The characters of Manga feature white skin.
  • They have Japanese-style school uniforms.
  • These characters boast unique hairstyles that you might haven’t seen in real life.

6 Websites Make Manga Characters for Free

Since now you are well-acquainted with the Manga Characters and their origin, it’s time to learn about the 6 best manga characters maker websites to choose from. All of them are easy-to-use and let you design your favorite manga character for absolutely no cost. 

1. Face Your Manga 

Let’s unwrap the list with the first option – Face Your Manga. This website lets you create your favorite avatar anytime and anywhere with higher resolution formats.

It boasts innumerable graphics so you can unleash your creativity in no time. It is listed at the top of the list because it allows users to refine even the minute details of the characters to make it livelier. 

2. Cartoonify

Yet another free manga characters maker on the list is Cartoonify. This lets you design your manga avatars and save them on your device to use as a profile picture afterward. 

Export the developed manga character as a PNG or SVG file. The best part is that you don’t have to create an account on this app. Just open the web application and design your favorite manga character.

However, remember that Cartoonify requires Adobe Flash, so make sure you download the app before using this manga character maker. 

3. GamesGames

This platform has a manga maker game like the manga characters’ creator apps. It is an online gaming website that lets gamers play a variety of browser-based mini-games. 

Like all other options on the list, GamesGames has a simple, intuitive user interface that allows you to make manga characters within little or no time. However, players need to enable Flash from the website settings to play this manga maker game. 

Visit the game’s official website and start customizing your favorite manga characters on the go. 

4. Manga Maker by Scratch

Scratch is one of the ultimate programming languages designed for kids and adults. However, the best thing is that you can use this platform for making your desired manga characters. 

It has innumerable design options that you can choose to personalize the characters, such as eye color, hair length and shades, and a lot more. This app is available for free and is extremely simple to use. 

Go to the official website and tap on the green flag to customize your manga character. You can polish every detail of your avatar’s appearance with this. 

5. Mangao

It is yet another online app to make free manga characters. Whether you are looking forward to creating male or female characters, this application will help you design your personality in a few minutes. 

Access the app by visiting its official link and selecting the eyes, face, and other visual elements. What makes it worth adding to your app drawer is its wide variety of customization features, especially clothing. 

6. Manga Creator by Wootragames

It’s time to wrap up the list of the best manga characters maker options with Manga Creator By Wootragames. This is a flash-based online game where you can create your favorite manga characters and customize them according to your choice. 

Remember that the manga avatar you can design using the game will have a Halloween theme. Choose different hairstyles and multiple clothing options to make your manga character visually appealing. Once you are done, take a screenshot and save your work.

Last Words

So, there you have the complete information about manga characters maker websites. We hope our research will help you choose the best among the rest. Creating manga characters is incredibly simple; you need the appropriate application with creative features. 

While all of them are free and loaded with tons of customization options, we’ll give top honors to the face of your manga App. Try it once, and you’ll surely come back for more!!

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