5 Top Destinations for Eco-Friendly Summer Break

Jun 30, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

Eco-tourism is a hot trend. With the climate situation and overall environmental crisis, it is a great way to have a good time and be conscious about your vacation waste. And you won’t even have to sleep in a tent to do so. There are great options to explore for your summer break.

Being eco-friendly is all about reducing your waste and carbon footprint. So, you’d want to look into places that offer eco-conscious hostels and have enough entertainment that is not harmful to the environment. Thus, to save you some time, here are five destinations for an eco-friendly summer break. 

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British Columbia (Canada)

Do you enjoy spending your time in nature? Then, British Columbia, Canada, is the perfect place for your summer vacation. You get both mountain hiking and swimming in the ocean in one place. With picturesque views and numerous nature activities, it is perfect for your break from studies. The BC tourism industry takes great care to keep it environmentally friendly.

Plus, you won’t spend too much money on a flight to Canada, which is always a win for a student. Besides, shorter-distance flights are better for the environment as well. Make sure that all of your homework is taken care of to enjoy your trip. Ask professionals to “do my assignments” beforehand. So, you can swim in the Pacific Ocean without a care in the world. 


Another great option for nature lovers is Torres del Paine National Park in Patagonia. There you can witness all sorts of nature’s wonders, from glaciers to lakes and mountains. It’s a real treat for everyone who enjoys seeing all the wildlife from a safe distance.

Since Patagonia is in South America, you’d need a bit more pre-planning than going to Canada. It involves looking for flights and planning to get to your destination. But it’s definitely worth the fuss. National Park in Patagonia is one of the best eco-friendly destinations for your summer break.

Costa Rica

If you want something closer but not less breathtaking than Patagonian National Park, Costa Rica is a perfect choice. Apart from beautiful natural landscapes with tons of hiking tracks, it also offers a huge variety of restaurants that get their products from local farmers and industries. 

Moreover, Costa Rica runs their electricity on predominantly renewable sources. Thus, whatever city or town you choose, you can count on your stay being sustainable. Besides, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in Central American culture while enjoying your summer. So, do not miss the opportunity to taste Costa Rican flavor. 


It is not a much-talked-about but affordable destination. The highest cost will be your plane tickets. And for a fraction of the price, you can either book a trip to one of the sea resorts or stay at Ljubljana, the Slovenian capital city. Whatever you choose, you’ll get an unforgettable summer break. And an environmentally conscious one as well. 

Slovenia has been ranked as one of the most sustainable tourist destinations in the world. So, you can be sure that you’re supporting eco-friendly ventures when chilling on a beach or walking down the Ljubljana River. 


The Dutch are famous not only for their liberal Amsterdam scene but for tons of eco-tourism locations. You can choose any of the Netherlands’ small towns to experience true slow living for a week. There you can try locally sourced and prepared food alongside getting authentic souvenirs. Thus, you will only use and consume local resources that are great for the planet.

Or, you can choose a trip to Keukenhof, a park with every tulip under the sun. Along the way, you can plan your stay in Amsterdam, which is a pedestrian-friendly city. However, you’d better book the trip early. So, to plan everything, give your assignments to research paper writing services to complete. And you’ll get your eco-trip of a lifetime with ease. 

Wrapping Up

And here you have it. Go to British Columbia, Canada, for a short-distance trip and a variety of nature activities. Consider Patagonia for its breathtaking National Park and Costa Rica for its locally sourced cuisine. Look into Slovenia to discover your new favorite eco-friendly spot for summer break. And finally, do not forget about all the small, sustainably run towns and cities in the Netherlands.

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