How to Choose the Unlocking Tools for Anti-theft Door at Home

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With the continuous development of the current society, people’s safety awareness is getting better and better, so they will pay great attention when buying door locks. The security door is relatively safe, but some owners go out and sometimes forget to bring the key in their bag. So you need to ask someone to unlock the door to help you go into the home. How to choose the unlocking tools for the anti-theft door? What are the precautions for purchasing a Lock Pick Set?

Common Unlocking Tools For Anti-theft Door

  1. Lily Key Tool: The lily key is also commonly known as the master key. Its unlocking principle is very simple. It mainly uses steel wires, iron hooks, and tooth molds to move the lock cylinder according to simple mechanical principles to achieve no obvious damage to the lock.
  1. Tinfoil Unlocking Tool: As long as the tinfoil strip is put into the special unlocking tool, the tinfoil is fed into the lock hole through the tool, and the anti-theft door can be opened by gently shaking it for a few seconds. And the tool and tin foil are taken out of the lock cylinder and still intact. You can find information about this kind of unlocking tool on many news websites, and many thieves often use this unlocking tool to open people’s doors and steal their rare items in the house. It is mainly suitable for door locks with keyholes of different shapes such as in-line locks, arc locks, cross locks, circular locks, and Kabbah locks. Generally speaking, this tinfoil lock pick cannot cope with Class B and B+ locks, because Class B locks have anti-foil grooves installed inside.

How to Buy the Best Locks for Anti-theft Door

  1. When purchasing anti-theft door locks, consumers should choose a suitable anti-theft security door according to the practical requirements of the door opening size, opening direction, and color pattern of the room.
  1. The important role of the anti-theft door is to prevent damage from the attack. When purchasing the locks, you can ask the seller to show the test certificate to the relevant department. The product quality should meet the technical requirements of the national standard “General Skills for Anti-theft Safety Doors”.
  1. Customers should pay attention to checking the locks when purchasing. Best anti-theft doors usually use special anti-theft locks that have been tested by the professional security institute. At the same time, there should be steel plates with a thickness of more than 3.0mm for maintenance. Many anti-theft special locks are multi-directional locks. The advantage is that not only the door lock is determined, but the upper and lower cross bars can be inserted to determine the door to be fixed. Greatly increases the anti-pry function of the door.

When customers choose the locks for the Anti-theft door, you also need to learn the working principle of Locks at the same time. Some wise customers are willing to buy a lock picking kit to unlock the door by themselves to examine the safety of the locks of the Anti-theft door. Best locks of Anti-theft doors are not easy to unlock by normal people, only some specialists who are good at unlocking can know the related skills. 
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