Choose the Right VMware certification to Boost Your Career

Updated On January 13, 2023 | by Alex Jones

Right VMware certification

With the IT sector boom, several individuals aspire to make their careers in the field. However, to become a successful IT professional, you have to be well-acquainted with various technical tools that make the backbone of the IT sector. 

Getting higher education in the related field forms just the base of the career. The expertise and specializations are acquired through years of training and experience. But for making positive progress in the IT career, you have to prove your knowledge and certifications are the best way to do it. The VMware certifications are one such reputed certificate that proves the advanced technical abilities of the applicants.

Why Choose VMware for Certification?

VMware is a foremost software company that provides digital solutions to almost 5,00,000 companies spread across the globe. These companies use VMware solutions for cloud computing and virtualizing technology to consolidate their servers, optimize their hardware, reduce operational and capital costs, increase productivity, etc. 

With technological advancements, IT companies are looking to scale, and they require individuals with a high level of technological expertise in their workforce. 

Given the widespread use of VMware across the IT companies of the globe, several companies have made it a rule for their employees to have VMware certifications and maintain the VMware certification status. In addition, companies want their employees to have the highest knowledge in leveraging VMware solutions to the fullest.

Therefore, if you want to make a promising IT career, getting a VMware certificate will increase your chances and help companies recognize you for your skills and knowledge. In addition, these certificates work like proof for employers that, if selected, you will be an asset to the company.

Why is VMware Training Necessary?

The high technological advancement of the VMware digital solutions requires the users to have a certain level of knowledge and practical experience to use the solutions efficiently. For these reasons, VMware training is considered necessary for IT professionals. 

There are different levels of training available in the market that prepare individuals for varying levels of VMware certifications. A higher certificate grade indicates the expertise level of a professional’s knowledge, skills, and experience. The various certifications associated with VMware are:

  • VMware Certified Associate
  • VMware Certified Professional
  • VMware Certified Advanced Professional
  • VMware Certified Design Expert

VMware Certified Associate

Shortened as VMware VCA, it is the most basic form of VMware certifications. It is suitable for fresh graduates and technology enthusiasts who want to enter the IT field with operational jobs. The VCA certificate indicates to the employer that the applicant has basic knowledge about the functioning of VMware solutions. You can acquire this certificate after passing the VCA exam, and you are always free to update your knowledge and get a higher level of certification. Thus, this certificate can work as a stepping stone for your IT career.

VMware Certified Professional

Shortened as VMware VCP, it is the next level of certification for professionals. It is suitable for those individuals who have advanced knowledge about VMware solutions and desire to get jobs as engineers or administrators in IT companies. This certificate indicates to the employers that the individual has proper knowledge about installing and managing VMware digital solutions. It is the most sought-after VMware certification as it helps professionals get good jobs in respectable IT companies. For getting a VCP certificate, you have to get training and pass an exam. 

Other Certifications by VMware

The VCA and VCP are the most commonly known VMware certifications. Other than these two, there are more advanced-level certifications available. These include the VMware Certified Advanced Professional and VMware Certified Design Expert. These certificates indicate to employers that you have extensive technological knowledge. You need to undergo thorough training and clear pre-requisite exams for these certifications.

VMware also offers additional certifications such as the VMware NSX Certification, indicating a professional’s network virtualization knowledge. For getting the VMware NSX Certification, you need to have the VCP certificate, training, knowledge in NSX technologies, and you have to pass the network virtualization test.

How to Get VMware Certified?

For getting VMware certified, you need to have a primary interest and knowledge of the IT field and the importance of VMware. In addition, you have to prepare for the VMware foundation exam that needs to be cleared before applying for other certifications. The preparation for this exam must be combined with practical training. 

Several online websites, such as Koenig Solutions, provide a range of training programs for aspiring IT candidates. These training programs add value to the candidates’ knowledge and give their careers a boost.

To conclude, which certificate you must aim for depends on the extent of your knowledge and experience. However, the best thing about these certifications is that they always leave scope for improvement. You can always re-take exams or take advanced level exams to get higher certifications. 

Hence, if you are a professional or an aspiring IT professional, then the VMware certifications mentioned above could help catapult your career. The field of  jobs is really wide, therefore, please check the current openings at Jooble.

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