Analysis of VMware Certification Framework and System

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The advantages of VMware spoto online exam virtualization technology have been recognized by the industry widely. More and more enterprises use virtualization technology to reduce costs, control the sharp increase of the number of servers and improve their operational efficiency. Its popularization and promotion have become the inexorable trend of the development of information technology, and VMware technicians are getting more and more scarce. VMware certification is one of the standards to test whether he has the professional ability to operate VMware.

1. VCP Certification Is Very Basic, So Must Participate in Training

VMware Certified Professional (VCP) is the exclusive basic training of virtualization certification launched by VMware: VMware Certified Professional (VCP). VCP is a necessary certification because it is the basis of other VMware certifications. Becoming a VCP proves that you have the basic ability to operate vSphere, and it is a necessary condition for those who want to engage in good work related to vSphere. In the past, there was only one kind of certification for VMware: VMware Certification Professional (VCP); You have to take a recognized training course then pass the exam. If you pass the VCP with a high score, you will be able to become a VMware Certified Instructor (VCI).

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2. How to Get VCP Certification (General Process)

Now there are more and more VMware certifications, so you may doubt which VMware certification is the most suitable for yourself. To help you make a decision, here cover all kinds of certifications and requirements, and they will improve your IT career. VMware certification proves that you have the basic skills and knowledge to operate vSphere. To become a VCP, you must attend a training course with authoritative and outstanding lecturers (online training courses are not recognized generally).

There are three parts of the course:

  • VMware vSphere: (Install, Configure, Manage [V5.0] )
  • VMware vSphere:(FastTrack [V5.0] )
  • VMware vSphere:(OptimizeandScale)

After completing the course, you can take the VCP exam, which is a general test that does not focus on specific areas. It is aimed at groups that use vSphere, such as consultants, users, or partners. If you don’t pass, there are still seven days before you take the next exam.

3. What Is after VCP: VCAP

The next level of VMware certification is an advanced qualification of VMware certification, which mainly has two branches: Data Center Management and Infrastructure Design.

VCAP: Data Center Management (VCAP-DCA): to implement, manage, maintain and manage vSphere.

VCAP-DCA certification focuses on the management and supportable skills of vSphere. It beyond the basic knowledge of VCP and it is facing to deal with larger and more complex vSphere infrastructure. VCAP-DCA focuses on the implementation, management, maintenance, and management of vSphere, and uses scripting tools for troubleshooting and automatic settings, such as PowerLI.

Before taking the VCAP-DCA exam, you need the VCP certification. The training class is not necessary, but if you are interested in VCPS, you can better prepare for the exam. If you don’t pass the exam, you can take it again in 10 days.

VCAP – Data Center Design (VCAP-DCD): vSphere infrastructure architecture design.

Obtaining VCAP-DCD certification, prove that you know vSphere basic infrastructure design. This certification can meet the design requirements centrally of all vSphere infrastructures, including storage network interconnection, and integration other components, including internal and external virtual devices.

As same as VCAP-DCA, take the VCAP-DCD exam only needs VCP certification. The design refresher course of vSphere is recommended, but it is not necessary. You can take the exam again after applying 10 days later. After passing these two examinations of VCAP, you will be qualified to take the final certification of VMware, the most top-line VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX).

4. VCAP: VCDX—VMware

To get this certification, you need to have the best skills in the basic structural design of vSphere. VCDX certified experts all are masters of vSphere. Passing VCAP-DCS and VCAP-DCD is the prerequisite for learning VCDX. However, this kind of certification does not focus on the basic examination but must know how to apply VMware.

If VMware accepts your application, you need to submit the design and implementation plan – no matter real or hypothetical. The design document needs to include architecture diagrams and supporting documents. If your design is approved, you must defend it before the review committee. If members of the committee are satisfied with your design and defense, then you will be certified by VCDX.


VMware Certification Professional Desktop (VCP-DT) is a virtualization system engineer who seeks to prove his ability to install and configure the VMwareView environment and enable viewing client users. VCP-DT Certification Professional must be able to configure the vSphere environment, the core components of VMware, have a deep understanding of the relationship between storage and network, and be proficient in the design method of the data center.

6. Choosing Correct VMware Certification 

VCP is a necessary certification because it is the basis of other VMware certifications. Becoming a VCP proves that you have the basic ability to operate vSphere, and it is a necessary condition for those who want to engage in good work related to vSphere generally.

Many companies, especially consulting companies, do not consider applicants without VCP certification. But VCPs are not only administrators and infrastructure designers, or technical salesmen. In addition, support personnel who will use vSphere in other jobs also need to obtain the VCP certification.

Other VMware certifications are suitable for those who want to stand out in the field of VCP. Because VCAP is a kind of certification of senior qualification, with one or two such VMware certifications, the door of high-salary positions will be open for You. VCAP certification helps consult companies to prove that they have high-level employees.

These two VCAP certifications are different, choice is depending on your work role. If you want to get VCDX certification, you need both of them. If you don’t want to try to get VCDX, getting these two VCAP certifications can still prove that you have mastered these two fields, so you can join the rank of elites.

Very few people can get VCDX certification. This process requires immeasurable work and planning. It is not a simple examination, but a real project, which will be judged by the top professional in the field. But the reward is worth it, and you’ll be seen as the top vSphere expert.

VMware certification needs you to make the effort. In each successive stage, when it becomes more and more difficult to obtain VMware certification, the farther you go, the more job opportunities will be given.

7. The Value of VMware Certification

According to the survey of Yankee Group, more than 75% of enterprises are using virtualization technology to reduce costs, control the sharp increase in the number of servers and improve their operational efficiency. The advantages of VMware virtualization technology have been recognized by the industry generally, and its popularization and promotion have become an inevitable trend in the development of information technology. The popularity of VMware is characterized by the number of users of VMware: VMware says that all the fortune 100 enterprises in the world are VMware users, and there are 20,000 enterprise users, in such a short time to obtain the enviable performance is very shocked; There is no better indication of the popularity of VMware than the launch of VMware.

In reality, when the budgets of chief information officers (CIOs) and IT managers are shrinking day by day, the business challenges are becoming more and more serious. The increasingly fierce contradiction makes virtualization stand out as a basic technology, which can not only help CIOs to face these challenges easily but also, more importantly, it is changing the traditional way of enterprise computing by reducing the cost of energy and hardware. Virtualization can improve the resource utilization of physical servers. (Reduce investment in hardware). It can also realize the dynamic migration of virtual machines (Improve the flexibility of IT deployment), which can be deployed in batch. It can also adjust resources dynamically. The resources of traditional IT architecture are all fixed and cannot be allocated dynamically; VMware virtualization technology is a leader in the future cloud computing era. It has been successfully applied in various industries in China, such as mobile, securities, power, telecommunications, petroleum and petrochemical, etc.

At present, the demand for virtualization talents is also growing for the enterprise. In the recruitment demand, it is listed that the candidates must know virtualization technology or have relevant certification clearly.

In all walks of life, a large number of experts and consultants who can use VMware have crossed into various emerging businesses, new markets, and new users. This means a lot of new job opportunities. As long as you become an expert in VMware, all kinds of positions such as consultant and engineer will wait for you. Another opportunity for professionals to earn money is coming. VMware VCP is a ticket to a high salary. In fact, VCP has become the most popular salary survey target.

The above is the whole content of VMware certification system, hope it can help you to choose the appropriate VMware certification for learning and training.

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