The Biggest Challenge in Transport & Logistic Systems

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Jan 8, 2024 Reading time : 3 min

The Transport and Logistic industry come under exceptional pressure in recent past times. A company has to be quick enough to move a product from the pick-up point to the delivery point in quick succession. 

There are many more challenges in doing business. The transport business is also facing issues in the last couple of years. Some issues can be resolved through automation. Moreover, in this article, we will discuss the challenges of this industry and some solutions that can change the whole industry.

Research on Logistics and Transport-

A research team in 2021, surveyed 500 United States-based companies in the Logistics and Transport related. They observed externally and internally to know their real problems and their needs. They also mention using digital techniques in the logistic transport industry to solve all the issues. Levvel did the research.

Many companies understand the digital technology invasion means, robotics, autonomous vehicles, and artificial intelligence. However, it is not valid. Some can modernize the supply chain without a lot of cash.

Biggest Problems-

In that report, 70% of companies that participated in that survey, think speed and the perfect estimated time of delivery(ETD) are the biggest issues they are facing.  The company believes their precious things in the business are timings. The industry needs something type of automation tools, which help them to move out of this problem. 

Main Barriers to Meeting the Speed and Exact Time-

Research of that survey found these problems as barriers.

  • Traffic conditions are not up to the mark.
  • The increasing price of fuel cost
  • Quick change of weather and poor prediction
  • Not having so many skilled drivers
  • The strategies of the road are not very good.

Some of the challenges can be easily remedied with the upgradation of the automation process. It will improve both speed and efficiency. Moreover, changing the whole part of the automation process might provide you with a better solution. However, shifting toward an automation process and implementing that is a more severe challenge.

What are the Solutions in This Case?

The simple solution is implementing automation. It will offer you the current location and information. In that research, it is found that the companies are still using the conventional methods of phone calls. Therefore it gives them more challenges.

If automation technology, for instance, GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) is using it doesn’t need any phone calls to know where is the cargo. Moreover, the company does not need to recall to make a call, or the person inside the cargo does not need to check to receive the call. Anybody does not need to bother for reaching the destination. Moreover, the automation system prediction record is very much accurate in heavy traffic and poor weather condition.

In that Leevel report, they clearly mentioned that the companies who used automation in their industry are least concerned about the location and estimated time of arrival (ETA). Moreover, Automation systems help improve the efficiency of the business.


The survey by Levvel published that logistics and transport companies are always in a race to deliver goods on a time. Moreover, it will make impression on other companies and give them a competitive advantage. Automation in the industry can offer great weather and traffic conditions. In addition, it will improve your route planning to save costs. CartonCloud is a big name in the logistics and transport industry, that uses automation for accurate speed and time. Implementing an automation system is not an expanding lot of money. When you are expanding on automation, that means you are investing in the future.

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