What are the Best French Apps?

French Apps
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Language has always been an integral part of different cultures around the world. It gives a lot of people a sense of identity and goes on to ground them in a particular place, be it a community or even as large as a country. Several languages equip their speakers with a means to connect, express as well as exhibit their roots however way they might wish to. 

French as one of these languages has witnessed massive interest over the decades. From taking special lessons to simply just downloading a French app, the modern advancements we’ve seen over time have also eased this path of learning the language. There’s a wide list of the best French apps now for both native and non-native speakers.

It’s no wonder how a significant amount of people have been able to learn French and go ahead to become quite fluent in expressing themselves with the language. These French apps not only provide them with ease to acquaint themselves with the language but also help them with interaction and educational tools needed for them to be good French speakers.

So are you a non-native speaker with a passion for French? Do you wish to acquaint yourself with the language and use it for several purposes? Well, look no further as you’re one step into making this a reality, and here is a list of some of the best French apps to ease you into it. 


Overall Best App to Learn French

As a result of customized courses, content quality, and interactive lessons, Babbel takes the lead as the overall best app to delve into French. 

This app makes it the extra mile by providing a plethora of choices, arranging phrases, and opportunities to practice speaking with advanced technologies such as voice recognition.


Best Beginner French App

For amateurs who are just diving into the rivers of French, Mondly is perfect as it begins right from the basics and provides you with any knowledge about the language.

Its unique features range from its offers of interactive conversations for expression practice by talking with its chatbot to learning fresh words and phrases in both augmented and virtual reality. 

Its aesthetic appeal and the contemporary essence of its design eases the learning of French for anyone with interest.


Best App to Learn French Language and Culture

Language, being an integral part of culture requires some knowledge of this culture. MosaLingua keys into this by including lessons on French culture with the ones on French vocabulary needed for use daily.  

By providing an array of resources from songs to videos and even whole books, this app compiles them enough for any user to soak themselves in French. 


Best App to Learn French Speaking

It’s one thing to get a hang of French, it’s another to speak it. 

italki stands as one of the best French learning apps to speak with French natives.

With its over 1,100 on-demand tutors who delve into especially teaching French with a plethora of qualifications of choice, you can filter based on a criteria amount, ranging from native language to location and specializations. 

Here, the key to learning is in your hands and your French tutor is just available for assistance. 


Best French Podcast App

There’s a variety of diverse videos, audio, and text lessons here to aid you in bettering your communication skills in French.

It is filled with topics that will equip you for every situation you may come across, and the content is curated to assist you to learn it fast. 


Best French Reading App

On Beelinguappp, you have the key to a wide array of stories and books that are in both French and English. You can choose to read the two versions beside each other and help yourself to digest a lot of existing knowledge in French.

Audiobooks, news, and even songs are also available for listening to on Beelinguapp. Everything here possesses a transcript to tread along with, and you’ll quickly pick up a lot of fresh words and phrases.


Best App to Improve French Writing Skills

With Busuu, you get a connection to a community of native French speakers. This app can help you improve your writing skills, learn grammar or vocab, or even do school studies. 

From community discussions where you can interact and ask questions to tools like grammar exercises, games, and even flashcards that assist you in practicing your French, this app carries so much more. 

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