The Best Card Games to Play in Casinos

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Best Card Games

Enjoying a variety of activities in your leisure time is an essential part of a rounded and fulfilling life. One way in which many people choose to relax and enjoy themselves is through playing card games, whether that’s at the casino, with friends, or online. Some people like the thrill of playing for real money, while others prefer a friendly tournament that is just for fun.

Thinking about indulging in the glitz and glamour of the casino yourself? If so, read on for our guide to the best card games to play on the gambling floor…


What? Known colloquially as ‘21’, blackjack is a casino banking game that is thought to have its origins in France, although the first recorded reference to the game was made by the Spanish author Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote) in 1569.

How? The aim of the game is to beat the dealer. When you sit down you will be dealt two cards by the dealer, who will also deal two to himself (one face up and one face down.) To win all you have to do is get closer than the dealer to 21 without going over. If you do go over 21 though, you will go bust and the dealer will win. Likewise, if you both end on the same number, the dealer will win. Ultimately blackjack is the perfect blend between strategy, technique, and the luck of the draw.

Tips? There are a number of great strategies out there that can help you to mitigate your losses and augment your winnings as well as a whole lot of tips for specific in-game situations that you can find on the other end of a Google search. If you really want to make a difference to your chances of success though, try out this interactive card counting trainer.


What? Another game that has its origin in France, Baccarat was a game that rose to popularity amongst the French nobility in the 19th century and the Napoleonic era. It is best described as a comparing card game, and tends to be favored by more experienced gamblers as the rules and format can be somewhat off-putting to beginners.

How? The main objective of baccarat is to predict which of the two hands will finish closest to the number 9. At the beginning of each round, players must bet on the Player hand or the Bank Hand or bet on the outcome being a draw. Two cards will then be drawn to the Player Hand and the Bank Hand with the one closest to 9 winning. If the Player Hand wins, bets will be paid out at a 1:1 ratio; Bank Hand bets are also paid out at a 1:1 ratio but players must pay a 5% commission on their winnings.

Tips? Like blackjack, there are a number of tips and strategies available on the internet that can improve your chances at the baccarat table. The best tip that we could give to beginners though is to read up on the rules of the game and make sure you’re in the know before you place your first bet – knowledge is power.

Texas Hold ‘Em

What? The world’s most popular variant of poker can trace its origins rather unsurprisingly, back to Texas and the early 20th century. It’s thought that Texas Hold ‘Em was a popular game amongst frontier men and as such, spread through America quite rapidly.

How? At the beginning of a round, all players are dealt with two face-down cards and then invited to bet based on the confidence they have in those hands. After the first round of betting, three community cards are placed in the center of the table face up followed by another round of betting. This repeats a further two times with an additional two community cards being dealt. After the final betting round players will be asked to compare hands, the player making the best combination between their cards and the community cards taking the winnings.

Tips? There are enough tips, strategies, and tactics available on the internet to keep you occupied for the next five years and even then, you might not know enough about the game to go professional! Don’t let that put you off though; the more you learn the better you’ll get. Read as many articles as possible, watch as many YouTube videos as you can, and listen to all the poker podcasts you can manage.

In Summary

These three great card games can all be enjoyed at your local casino, but which one you choose should depend on your skill level and your knowledge rather than an inclination.

If you’re looking for something straightforward blackjack is the game for you. If it’s something a little more challenging you after then off to the baccarat table you go, but if it’s a really intense, challenging, and taxing game of competition you’re in search of, Texas Hold ‘Em is the answer.

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