Are Essay Writing Services Legal and Ethical? A Brief Analysis for Newbies

Are Essay Writing Services Legal
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Juggling between coursework and assignment can sometimes be daunting, forcing many students to rely on essay writing services for help. In most cases, custom writing services provide research assistance and templates to guide students when responding to questions. Learners take advantage of these companies and submit the sample responses as their own work with minimal changes.

As a result, their actions are termed academic cheating since they delegate the assignment. Essays are designed to help students improve their communication skills and demonstrate an understanding of the course materials. When they delegate the writing to professional essay writers, they abscond their duties in the educational journey. This conundrum leaves most people asking, are essay writing services legal and ethical? This question yields yes and no responses depending on your perspective.

Custom writing services are legal entities whose primary objective is to help students improve their grades through training. They offer advanced services that most institutions of higher learning have either ignored or chosen to avoid. For instance, universities and colleges in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia require students to adopt specific writing styles or academic writing languages when completing their assignments.

They then provide booklets or links in their libraries for students to review. Yet, most of these writing languages take years to learn and perfect. In some cases, the styles evolve with significant formatting and paper organization changes. With no dedicated courses to train university students on how best to apply the rules, most learners struggle with assignments wasting hours unnecessarily.

Essay writing services are designed to bridge this gap in knowledge by providing students with the necessary assistance in these aspects. These entities offer simplified methods of complying with institutional requirements adequately and efficiently. Besides, most custom writing services have years of experience researching, writing, formatting, proofreading, editing, and referencing. They hire qualified writers from various disciplines with graduate-level qualifications. The experts are carefully selected to match the demand for high-quality essays and the need for the originality of content.

Another unique characteristic that legitimizes essay writing companies is their expertise in research and access to multiple databases. Although most high education institutions have reliable libraries with adequate resources, they often lack access to journals and other publishers. As a result, they limit access to useful information. On the other hand, essay writing companies invest in paid resource databases allowing the writers to cover topics comprehensively using reliable peer-reviewed sources.

Additionally, custom writing companies are registered private companies in their countries of origin. Most of these entities are from the United States and Europe, with verifiable addresses and physical offices in major towns and cities. They offer legitimate services recognized in law. Although some countries may have illegalized some of the services in the recent past, their primary source of revenue is research and academic coaching, which are legal globally. The companies provide legally recognized assistance in data collection and analysis. Sometimes, they write reports or refine documents through editing and proofreading. These are legal services whose availability expands into other sectors, including journalism and research publishing.

So, if you need help writing a paper? Check out CustomWritings essay writing services specializing in research and academic writing. With a team of carefully selected expert writers, the company dominates the custom-writing industry by producing high-quality responses and exceptional work. Their reliable and responsive support team allows a unique rapport between students and experts with continuous engagement throughout the service delivery process.

Are Essay Writing Services Ethical? Overcoming an Ethical Dilemma

Legit essay writing services are ethical, provided they are used correctly and for the intended purposes. The term ethics refers to the moral principles that dictate people’s behavior. These rules are often based on generally accepted norms and traditions in society. For instance, same-sex marriages are considered taboo in some countries, such as the United Arab Emirates, while they are totally acceptable in the USA and other western nations. In that case, ethics and morality are based on society’s norms and traditions defining individuals’ moral convictions.

In this case, using reliable essay writing services for research purposes is morally correct as these are acceptable services by law. Researchers and scholars rely on similar entities for data collection and analysis. They also use peer reviewers for editing and proofreading through publication journals. Custom writing companies apply similar policies and principles with the aim of promoting transparency and honesty in academic institutions. As a result, these entities have legible disclaimers and warnings on their sites stating that their papers are only to be used for research purposes.

Tips for Effective Use of Essay Writing Services

If you are wondering whether custom writing companies are legit and ethical, you probably use them for all the wrong reasons. Here are some tips on how to maximize their benefits and get the best grades.

Request Your Papers on Time

Ordering essays from custom writing services early allows you to take advantage of their discounts and promotions. You also have adequate time to personalize the assignment and create an A+ paper. Use the services to develop an outline, gather relevant resources, and design your final project. Using essay writing services is like buying a draft response from your professor.

Only Use Reliable and Safe Sites

A good custom writing site will complete your paper within your deadline with quality content that you can use when creating your own. They also provide freely accessible sources you can peruse in minutes and cite as you write your essay. Revision options allow you to amend the drafts as you proofread or edit your own.

Avoid Academic Cheating

Cheating occurs when you submit another person’s paper as your own. You can avoid this by participating in the essay writing process. When you order a paper on a custom writing site, you have an opportunity to communicate with the writer directly and issue instructions. Make sure the draft paper is detailed with relevant sources and correct formatting. You can then use the excellent document to create your own. Besides, essay writing services transfer all intellectual property rights of the paper to their customers, allowing them to edit the document and produce a personalized essay.

Use Essay Writing Services for Their Intended Purposes

Only use the companies within their legal mandates. You can buy outlines, drafts, and references when writing your final essay. To eliminate the moral dilemma, you may also delegate proofreading and editing services to these entities. Hundreds of essay writing companies online claim to have professional writers and support teams. Thus, always do your research and select only the best entity to guide you as you complete your assignments.


Essay writing companies are legit and ethical. They have the required legal documentation to operate and provide services within their legal limits. When used correctly they are worth every penny you spend on their services. These companies can help you outperform the best students in your disciplines. Since most of them produce high-quality papers, you are almost guaranteed an A with no stress or wasted time. You need not spend hours in the library researching readily available information that a custom writing service can provide within minutes.

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