CSPO® Training – Here Are the Details Which Make It Important

Updated On January 25, 2023 | by Alex Jones

CSPO® Training

Who is a CSPO®?

CSPO® is the abbreviation for Certified Scrum Product Owner® and refers to a mid-level managerial position in an Information Technology firm or Software Development company. A CSPO® is a person responsible for maximizing the productivity of a developmental team while minimizing the time taken and is accountable for what product or service the development team must build, this is achieved by taking critical decisions and resource management. It’s no surprise that a CSPO® serves an Agile and important role in any high functioning Scrum team and is one of the most demanding certifications in the IT industry. 

A Certified Scrum Product Owner (CPSO) certification is suited for people inclined towards the business aspect of things, despite being a demanding IT certification. It can open new career possibilities as well as act as an add-on to your existing resume. Not to mention with more than 90% of modern teams using Scrum, the demand for a CPSO will only skyrocket in the following years.

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Role of Product Owner

A product owner is tasked with deciding what product a team creates so that the value to the customer can be maximized and also ensure that the end product is satisfactory before presenting it to the client. To do this, they must possess the skills and tools necessary for leading a scrum team. They must also learn about the customers to create and deliver the right high-value product for them. 

All of these can be learned from taking a CSPO®    training course online or offline. A CSPO®    training course will teach you the basics of being a product owner and help you become an important part of any developmental team.

How to Become a Certified CSPO®?

Despite what many people believe the process of becoming a certified CSPO® is fairly straightforward. There are no prerequisites for becoming a CSPO® and all you need a CSPO® training for a certified establishment. You can sign up for CSPO® training both offline as well as online, although online training is preferred due to its ease of accessibility and better trainers. Make sure the course is provided by Scrum Alliance certified coaches or trainers.

After learning the basics of the Scrum framework and how to be a successful product owner your course would have been completed. Your next step would be to get your CSPO®    certificate from the Scrum Alliance website and then you’re a certified CSPO®.

Something you must remember though is that your CSPO®    certificate needs to be renewed every two years thanks to the rapid and regular development and upgrades in scrum platforms.

CSPO® Training Cost

CSPO® training cost varies from country to country and also depends on the establishment or institution providing the course. 


If the above sounds lucrative to you, you should consider a career as a CSPO®. Be sure to also go through the agile manifesto and Scrum guide.

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