All There is to Know About LED Recessed Lighting

All About LED Recessed Lights
Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 3 min

Recessed Lighting is the most practical and functional addition to a home or office room. These types of lights are designed to sit flush with the ceiling or surface and we can easily use them in any type of room. 

These are one of the most versatile light types available in the market, whether you’re using downlighting, wall lighting, or uplighting. You can easily provide ambiance to any structure, room, or space. One can also use LED recessed lighting as an accent light to highlight furniture, artwork, or wall. 

Today, we will learn all there is to know about LED recessed lighting

Let’s get started. 


First, we will start by looking at the types of the LED Recessed Lighting. Usually, these types of lights are for ceilings but you can use them on the walls or ground. 

  • Ceilings – Typically recessed lighting is used in ceilings and called downlighting. 
  • Walls – Sometimes, these lights are used to illuminate pathways directly by placing them on walls. 
  • In the Ground – These types of lights are also used in the Ground but only in outdoor locations. 

When and Where to Use

The use cases of recessed lighting are quite different from traditional lights. These lights can be used to provide ambient or general lighting or sometimes you’d want to focus the lights on something to create an effect. 

  • Ambient or General Purpose Lighting – You can use it in areas that are used frequently in your homes like the kitchen or living room. 
  • Accent Lighting – If you want to create an accent or spot effect towards a piece of art, you can easily do that using accent lighting. 
  • Wall Washing Lighting – The best use case of a recessed light is for wall washing. When a recessed light is placed downlighting near a wall, creating a cool effect. 

One can also try to use a dimmer to your recessed lighting fixtures to control these lights pretty easily. 

How to Select the Best Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Nowadays, recessed lighting is installed in almost every household. And you need to keep an eye on a few things when selecting the best recessed LED lighting fixtures for your home. 

Here is what you need to consider before selecting these lights. 

Recessed Lighting Trims

Trims are surfaces that are visible from the outside in the ceiling, wall, or ground. There are a number of trims available in the market including Baffle trim, Reflector trim, Gimbal trim, Wall Wash trim, Shower trim, and more. 

Recessed Lighting Sizes

The size of the lights also matters and it will determine where you want to place them. Bigger-sized lights will create a wider wash of light, giving a unique look. These lights come in different types and sizes and you can select one based on the requirements. 

Recessed Lighting Color and Temperature

These types of lights come in three types of glows including Soft, Bright, and Daylight. And with custom installations, you can have tunable lighting that changes the color based on the requirements. If you are looking to buy amazing and custom recessed LED lighting, then you should take a look at the Lepro website. They have a lot of products on their page, kindly check them out.

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