AI and Creativity: The Fusion of Technology and Art

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Nov 8, 2023 Reading time : 6 min

It’s so ridiculous to bring yourself to think of a robot designed so that it could process things out close to what a normal human being can do. This was years ago when this was just an imagination. Still, moving fast to the present time, AI has started to become super common, from doing the task of serving food in a restaurant to handling complicated cases in an Operation theater. 

Yes, you heard me right, new robots are being installed at hospitals so they can perform the finest of the procedures with minimal scar left to heal; in the music industry, software like Amper Music and AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Visual Artist) are helping the artist to create music of their mood and style within a minute. AI has the ability to paint a picture of Van Gogh, and the fact Filmmakers are obsessed with CGI and the way it has impacted the production overall

Introduction to AI and its Prevalence

So, let’s dive down into what exactly is Artificial intelligence (AI). The term AI is an umbrella term applied differently to different fields. AI was first coined in the 1950s by computer scientist John McCarthy. The first actual usage of AI was done in the 1940s by Alan Turing, who used it to decode the encryption by the German Enigma machine during World War II, and he is considered the father of AI. 

So, in the simplest definition, it’s the science and engineering of making intelligent machines similar to humans. Alan Turning had a question bugging his head: “Can Machines think?” For that, he made a test named the “Turing Test,” where a human would be interrogated and would be made to choose between a computer-generated or human response. Today’s test holds the backbone of AI and all retrospective ideas that bloomed from it. 

Understanding the Foundations of AI

Along with AI, we need to build a safe and secure environment while working online, and to maintain authenticity for that, the SSL certificate is a protocol to ensure the visitor that the website they are using to gather the data from is safe and secure. So, each secure website, to ensure security, signs up with a certificate signing request(CSR), which provides the server with a private and a public key. So, having a cheap SSL certificate is mandatory for the server to be authentic so that people can use it because, at times, the AI content without the security padlock gives a picture of a broken site, and often, people don’t use such a website. 

So, to maintain the production level along with using AI to fuse more creative and innovative ideas to the painted picture, it is a must to have an SSL security layer. 

The Role of SSL Certificate in AI-Driven Creativity

Now, let’s dive into the depth of AI and its fusion in the creative world. 

A part of bringing the best outcome to patient care in the hospital, but still, there is a certain limit in the medical field due to the highly critical thinking brain of a human and the eyes that can help fetch a diagnosis quite well and can work in a changing environment. AI works in the creative world of art, music, film production, and more, which gets the higher point. Due to the fast-evolving time, there is a neck-to-neck competition to produce the unique things in the market. 

Major examples will be in the K-POP music videos and the CGI work to make the best and most distinctive music videos. And why there isn’t a universal definition of “I love it,” but we all know it when we see the art or any creative work. As humans, no one is born with the skill of writing/singing/drawing, etc.. These are the skills that we develop as we grow by observing and practically doing. So, an AI can also develop new learning skills by observing the code of new writing styles, drawing, and more. 

Machine learning is the core concept that AI works on. And why the production these days is sold for eye-watering sums of money. Everywhere you look around or in a normal day-to-day conversation, we get to know striking things AI has done so far, and times looking at this digital artwork, the eyes keep staring at the finest details, at the point the brain cannot process the whole of the picture because it is just in AW! state. 

AI’s Impact on the Creative World

But sometimes, the AI can trick a human mind, giving a feeling that the work is by another human being, but in fact, it is AI-generated, and no wonder there are so many AI-generated content catchers. Also, AI still lacks the “total random thinking skills” that cannot be mastered yet because the human brain is the reason that makes AI software. With one keyword, you get endless and even meaningless content because, again, the AI cannot filter out the details as it is deficient in the feeling and thus gives out endless content to pick and choose from, which gets too time-consuming.

For each changing thing, that algorithm needs to be updated. For that, again, you need a human who can process the data. The balance of the human mind and the AI to work together in harmony, only we can get something unique, a timepiece of itself. Using AI alone to write out content searches up the keywords, and if you have typed in the wrong keyword, it will lead to content that doesn’t suit the title, and at most times, there is a copyright issue due to plagiarism. 

The Nuances and Limitations of AI in Creativity

They spend the most time requesting fields and areas that can be hazardous to human life; it can work wonders there. But in places where creativity is needed a lot of time, AI-generated content gets rejected for many small to bug reasons. As we all know, there is AI software for everything, and so is the AI software that helps you find the right partner and look at it from a distance. It gives a super cool vibe, but from a microlens, it can lead to many issues later in life. 

The Final Words

The fusion of AI to work in art, helping in weather forecasting, powering solutions, boosting the creativity zone of a person even to find you the perfect match, and to work in highly precise operation. But the harmony with constant direct or indirect human interaction with their creative thinking makes all the advancements in AI and overall growth on a massive scale. 

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