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Academic life is full of new terms that are difficult to grasp. In school, you learned to write an essay in a particular number of paragraphs, but now it seems you’re writing a five-paragraph essay all the time. However, as long as you know how to organize your writing in the best way and which are the 5 types of paragraphs, you’ll be able to successfully write any type of essay. So, let’s find out what a 5 paragraph essay is and cope with the task yourself! Writing experts from  have compiled a list of recommendations for you. 

The Basics of a 5 Paragraph Essay

There’s no need to be discouraged when it comes to academic writing because knowing the basics of a 5 paragraph essay will help you write better. Let’s get to the main things you need to know about it. It’s not about writing a lot of words, it’s about writing an effective one. If you want your essay to be good, it should include:

  • The main topic you are writing about;
  • The introduction paragraph;
  • The first body paragraph;
  • The first conclusion paragraph;
  • The second body paragraph;
  • The second conclusion paragraph.

Each paragraph should be about a specific, defined topic. Here’s the key: to get better, practice. Try writing a few 5 paragraph essays and see if you can start identifying the most important parts of each paragraph so that you can write good ones.

Writing Tips

If you are writing a 5 paragraph essay, consider the following tips. Writing a 5 paragraph essay may seem daunting if you don’t know how to structure an essay or how to write a 5 paragraph essay. You will be pleasantly surprised if you try out the tips listed below.

Write out Your Notes

Take time to dive deep into what you are going to write about. Consider the different questions you might be asked during the essay. This will help you decide what to write about.

Use the 3-Step Approach

While it’s not necessary, it’s always good to divide a 5 paragraph essay into three different parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. The first part of a 5-paragraph essay is the introduction. It gives the reader a reason to read your essay. So start your 5-paragraph essay with a compelling opening paragraph.

Use a Thesis Statement

The opening paragraph should contain the thesis statement. Your thesis statement should be your general point or key message of your writing. It is usually about a simple idea or question. Remember that you need to use a title of an essay or an important topic word in your thesis statement. The main body of your five-paragraph essay should explain how you answer the questions and objections that were raised in the opening paragraph. Your conclusion paragraph should answer the same questions or objections as the opening paragraph.

Organize Your Essay

There are two main rules of thumb to remember when writing a 5-paragraph essay. The first is to organize your essay. You need to know where to start writing and where to end. This will help you keep your ideas flowing throughout the whole essay.

The second is to make sure that you do not use the same words or phrases too many times in one paragraph. As you write your essay, think about the important points you want to make. Then, use the information you learned in your notes.

Practice Makes Perfect

You will hardly be able to write an outstanding 5-paragraph essay without practice. So get your hand trained. You don’t have to write an entire 5 paragraph essay at one time. Instead, write a small paragraph and use the main points that you have outlined. The idea is to use the information and the outline you wrote for your notes.

Write the Essay Yourself

Writing is very similar to making a speech. Most people struggle with it. However, you can always get better with essay writing if you practice. As you practice writing out your thoughts, it will also turn your speech-making experience into an easy one. 

Learn From Others

If you want to learn more about how to write a 5-paragraph essay, then look for good samples on the web. They will inspire you, show you the way how the key message can be delivered, and what argumentation tactics can be used.

Know Your Subject

When you are writing a 5-paragraph essay, you need to know how to use the different types of writing strategies there. For example, when writing a 5 paragraph essay about literature, you need to know how to write a creative essay. If you are assigned to compare and contrast essays, you should know what’s special about this type of writing.

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