Why a Hair System is Better Than a Hair Transplant

Apr 24, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

Hair loss can be a frustrating experience for many people, forcing them to seek numerous solutions to restore their hair. Hair systems and hair transplants are two widely used procedures for hair restoration. While hair transplants have long been the standard procedure, hair systems are gaining popularity due to their numerous advantages. We shall look at the advantages of a hair system over a hair transplant in this article. 

First, let’s clarify what a hair system is. A non-surgical hair replacement option is a hair system, sometimes referred to as a hairpiece or wig. It is a specially-made item that is supposed to blend in with your bio-natural hair and scalp. In contrast, a hair transplant is a surgical treatment in which hair follicles are transplanted from one area of the body (often the back of the head) to the area experiencing hair loss. 

Let’s now examine the benefits of a hair system over a hair transplant more specifically. 

Instant Results 

The fact that you see results right away is one of the hair system’s biggest benefits. Your scalp will be fully covered with hair as soon as the hair system is installed. It doesn’t need extra time for you to see the result. It is safe, instant, and user-friendly. On the other hand, a hair transplant may not fully manifest its effects for several months or even years. The final results could not be apparent for up to two years once the transplanted hair has had time to properly grow. 


A hair system also has the financial benefit of being less expensive than a hair transplant. There is no assurance that a hair transplant will be successful, and the treatment can cost thousands of dollars. Contrarily, hair systems are less expensive and can be changed/removed if necessary. 


The use of a hair replacement system is non-invasive because it does not necessitate surgery. This is a huge boon for those who, for whatever reason, either don’t want or can’t undergo surgery. Hair follicles are surgically removed from the scalp in a hair transplant procedure, which can be a painful and disfiguring procedure. After all, the skin on your scalp is very sensitive. 


 Because hair systems are scalable, they may be customized to meet your unique requirements. Hair systems are available in a number of colors, textures, sizes, dimensions, and styles, which means you may choose a hair system that appears natural and meets your preferences. Contrary to hair transplants, which only have a small selection of hair types that can be used, this is not the case. 

No Time for Recovery 

There is no healing period required because hair systems are non-invasive. Once your hair system is placed on your head, you can start wearing it and enjoying it. A hair transplant requires a recovery period of days to weeks, during which you experience pain and suffering. You have to go through a recovery period, which is kind of frustrating. 

Lacking Scars 

One important advantage over hair transplants is the lack of scarring associated with hair systems. The scalp’s hair follicles are removed during hair transplant surgery, leaving scars. These scars may be obvious and may require further treatment to remove. Finally, while hair transplants have long been the preferred technique, hair systems have a number of strong points over hair transplants. Hair systems are economical, non-invasive, and adaptable, and they provide immediate results with no downtime or scarring. If you’re looking for a non-surgical hair replacement solution that’s both affordable and natural-looking, a hair system may be the perfect solution for you.

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