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Luvme Hair Curly
Dec 5, 2023 Reading time : 6 min

In this era, you don’t have to put your natural hair through any stress or unnecessary risk for a new style or texture. All good quality hair bundles such as wigs, weaves, and other types of hair extensions are available. 

Human hair bundles are one of the most popular extension types and in a curly texture, they are even better. Curly human hair bundles add volume to your hair and accentuate your facial features.

Hair Curly Human Hair Bundles

This article will educate you on getting the best quality Luvme Hair curly human hair bundles. You’ll understand what human hair bundles are, their benefits, and other significant aspects.

Luvme Hair is a top wig store known for its high-quality wigs, bundles, and accessories. You can get them in different textures, lengths, densities, and colors.

What are Curly Human Hair Bundles?

Hair bundles are those that manufacturers package so it’s tight at the top and free-flowing at the bottom. It usually comes in a bunch of three, and you can attach them to your hair by sew-in, glued-in, or clipped-in methods.

Human hair bundles come in a curly texture at Luvme. The bunch is already curled and looks even better when you install it. Moreover, it has different patterns to choose from, including loose and deep curls.

You have to understand that length is of primary significance and becomes tricky with curly weaves. They’ll appear shorter because of the curls and therefore adjust them when you make your selection.

Luvme Hair’s curly human hair bundles are of high quality and selected for precise application. Therefore, the installed weave will have many characteristics similar to your natural hair. With a decent installation, it will be almost impossible to discover that the weave isn’t natural. 

To reduce unnecessary breakage, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle your curly hair bundle with only downward-direction brush strokes. 

What are the Benefits of Curly Human Hair Bundles?

It’s Natural

The human hair nature of the bundles makes them relatively easy to use even if you’re wearing one for the first time. Your hairline looks original, and you can even blend your natural hair with the weave.

It Lets You Explore the Beauty of Curly

You may fancy a curled texture when your natural hair is straight or wavy. Rather than changing your original hair texture, you can opt for a wig and wear the curled style without the hassle. You can also explore many daring hairstyles without harming your unweaved hair.

It’s Adorable

The only way to know the beauty of curled human hair weaves is to wear it. It adds volume and depth, making the hair appear fuller than it is. A curly weave also compliments your overall appearance and makes you look more beautiful.

Anyone Can Wear It

Anyone can install human hair bundles irrespective of the shape of their face. The different application methods mean you can select the safer one if you’re allergic to glue. 

You can also experiment with many curled styles for the right fit. You have nothing to worry about the colour, as you can dye them according to your preference. 

In the graph mentioned below, it’s no surprise that stylists and fashionistas love to experiment which makes the hair wig and extensions market size in constant demand till 2030. 

 Hair Wigs and Extensions Market Size by region from 2018 to 2030.
Curl Patterns

What are the Different Curl Patterns for Human Hair Bundles?

There are many different curls, and they all affect your styling differently. The most common are the loose curls, springy ringlets, and corkscrews. The main difference between these curl types is their tightness.

Loose curl is the least compact of all, with the diameter of a sidewalk chalk. Springy ringlets are tighter and have the diameter of a Sharpie marker. The corkscrew is the highest; it has the circumference of a pencil. Understand that these curls have different maintenance needs.

Loose curls are easier to maintain than springlets, and springlets are easier to maintain than corkscrew ones. You should understand the pros and cons of all these curl patterns and use them effectively for your styling.

What is the Difference Between Deep Wave and Curly Human Hair Bundles?

Deep wave wigs are two styles that are very similar and are also not. It’s easy to confuse deep wave and deep curls, especially if you’re a beginner. However, deep waves are tighter loose waves.

Both curl types are subject to similar maintenance practices. They’ll get tangled and messy if you don’t maintain them well.

The deep curl wig is thicker, and such makes your hair appear thick, fluffy, and voluminous. A deep wave texture isn’t as thick but also has a fine texture.

Can You Curl Your Straight Human Hair Bundles?

Part of the superiority human hair has over synthetic is the versatility in styling. You can turn the straight weave you have at home to a curled one. The most practical way is using a heat styling tool to do it.

If you’re using heat, you must be careful because too much can damage the stands. Therefore, you should keep it at a regulated temperature before you attempt it. You can also use a heat protectant to reduce the effect of the heat on the wigs.

Also, it’s best to understand how to do it before you start. Human hair bundles are expensive and might not be the best option for experimentation. You can achieve your curls by wrapping around the heated barrels of the curling iron, holding them for a few seconds, and releasing them carefully.

Other ways to curl your straight weave include non-heat methods like braiding the hair, rollers, Curlformers, and Socks. You should familiarize yourself with the technique you want to use before you attempt it.

How to Maintain Curly Human Hair Bundles?

Here are some tips for maintaining your curly human hair bundles.

  1. Keep your bundles clean by washing them in clean, lukewarm water.
  2. Always wash your hair in one direction, even when you’re conditioning it too.
  3. Use high-quality shampoos, conditioners, and other human hair products.
  4. Trim the ends of your bundle regularly to avoid it looking rough, dull, and frizzy.
  5. Your wig will get tangled occasionally, and you should detangle them using your finger or a wide-toothed comb.
  6. Air dry the wig instead of exposing it to full sun or blow drying.


Curled human hair weaves provide another quality way to wear curly hair. They’re beautiful and can transform your look if you wear them right. Installing the bundle is valuable; you should do it well if you want the best look.

You should let a qualified stylist apply it for you. Luvme Hair has some top-notch curly human hair bundles that you can check out today!