7 Tips on Writing a Wedding Speech Everyone Will Remember

Mar 14, 2023 Reading time : 6 min

Giving a speech at the wedding of your friend or family member is a great honor. However, the importance of the event might put some extra pressure as you want to write something to connect with the newlyweds and the guests of the wedding. But don’t worry! Writing a speech isn’t as complicated as you think if you speak from your heart and follow a couple of simple rules of thumb. These seven tips will help you write a speech that will leave everyone in happy tears. 

Get Help

A wedding speech is meant to be personal, but it doesn’t mean that you should work on it alone. Engaging other people in the process can help you get fresh ideas and perspectives. For example, you can ask friends and families of the couple to share some stories and create a unique speech in a group effort. 

Besides, you shouldn’t forget about the formal aspect of speech writing. Aside from sharing a great story, you should also find the right words to make it shine. Consider asking someone to write my essay from domyessay.com, a top custom writing service online. They can help you edit your speech, develop a strong message, and evoke emotions so that your speech touches the hearts of the newlyweds and guests at the wedding.

Prepare in Advance

Writing a good wedding speech requires some brainstorming and preparation. Don’t leave it until the last minute. You need to find a way to talk about the couple and the beautiful relationship they have. Go through some old stories and photos to set the focus of your speech. You might also need to write a few drafts until you come up with something authentic and truly unique. So make sure you give yourself enough time to fulfill this big responsibility. 

Writing a wedding speech should be your top priority. Try to finish it early so that you have time to polish it to perfection. You can check essay-reviews.com to find the best writing service to get some writing and editing help and take advantage of the EssayPro promo codes. Having an expert look through your speech will improve it tremendously. Besides, if you’re a student, you can use some writing assistance with your homework to get more time to prepare for the wedding. 

Talk About the Couple

If you’re struggling to start writing a wedding speech, take a pause and reflect on your relationship with the couple. The fact that they’ve asked you to say a few words at their wedding means that you have a connection and care about each other. Think about the special moments you’ve shared with them. Adorable and funny anecdotes are always appreciated as they pull at heartstrings.

Aim to narrow down the focus to a particular story and make it centered on the couple. If you have to, briefly mention yourself or other people in case they have an important role in it. However, the newlyweds, their relationship, and their love story should be the primary focus of your speech. 

Set the Mood

Start your speech by setting its tone and direction. Introduce yourself and explain to the audience who you are and how you know the newlyweds. It’s a good place to tell about your shared happy memories or anecdotes to show your connection and infuse the right mood. 

A lot of people forget that they can use the environment around them to enhance the message of their speech. You can involve your friends and event organizers to make something truly unique. There are plenty of ways to create the right atmosphere when giving a speech: tie everything in with background music, show videos that capture memorable events, play with the layout of the space, etc. It takes more creativity and planning than a traditional speech, but the result always pays off. 

Keep It Short

A wedding speech doesn’t have to be long. Actually, wordiness can kill even the most engaging story. So make sure to keep your speech concise! The recommended length is from three to five minutes. Making it longer, you risk losing the interest of your audience. 

Practice delivering the speech out loud before the event. If it exceeds the time frame, revise it and find less important parts to cut. It will also help you memorize the speech and feel more confident when giving it in front of the actual audience. 

Cut the Clichés

The worst thing you can do to your wedding speech is to use an impersonal speech template from the internet. They include the blank stories everyone has heard before. Copying quotes or cliché phrases like “they were made for each other” is tempting, but they rarely sound authentic. 

Instead, try to be you and write what feels important and natural. Honesty is the only thing that can help you create a speech that makes the audience laugh and cry. You don’t need fancy words or complex writing techniques to tell a heartwarming story and share your emotions with the couple and guests. 

Think About the Audience

There are no limits when it comes to the choice of a theme for a wedding speech, but you should understand your audience when crafting it. The last thing you want to do is make the newlyweds feel awkward by telling an embarrassing story in front of their families. 

Unless you’re attending a small wedding where only the closest friends are invited, telling inside jokes isn’t the best idea. The majority of the guests will have no idea what you’re talking about and might feel like they’re being left out. So try to predict the reaction of the audience. If you know that there are people who don’t know the context of the joke, avoid it to be on the safe side. 

To Sum Up

Pulling off a memorable speech is quite a challenge. You should take your time to prepare, ask around, and find the right story about the couple and their relationship. Think about the audience, and the tone of the event, and of course, make everything you say about and for the newlyweds. Hopefully, our tips will help you craft a heartwarming and genuine piece that will touch everyone who attends the event. Make sure you infuse it with memories and personal stories, and your wedding speech will come together easily!

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