Best Applications To Know Every Instagram Stalker On Android & iOS

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Hey! Do you know Instagram has more than 1.44 Billion users currently in the year 2022? Much appalling is the fact that 23.1% are people aged 13 and more. 

Instagram being the first-morning mirror for social media users has become an entertainment package where almost freely people’s lives flow. From their travel locations to their closest friends, everything is posted considering the trends and likes. 

No offense, but your content must have been watched multiple times by your friends and unknown or known Insta stalkers. Being famous is never an issue until it affects your life security. 

Having a stalker is a matter of concern in some manners. What if we tell you that there is a way to catch your Instagram stalker using apps? To get a glimpse into it let’s scroll and carve out this issue with soothing solutions. 

Answer to “how to see who stalks your Instagram” is waiting below. Tune in.

Best Apps to Know “Who Stalked/Watched Your Stories?”

Instagram Stalker

Your stories being available to your friends and world for 24 hours represents you and your personal information. Might be haunting, but true that it might have been noticed by some unknown stalker too. 

People with no accounts also have the access to watch other account stories and profiles through many easy sources.

Know “how to see who stalks your Instagram with stalker app”.


If your account is a “Public Account” then your stories and account are not just available to your friends and your followers but also to your stalkers. You cannot tell if someone outside your Instagram account has watched your profile or not.

 Let’s get to know some applications of them briefly.

Applications For Android 

App 1: Influxy App

in flux

Do you want to keep up with all the info from followers to blocked list and from minute details of the exact time someone viewed your detail then Influxy can help.

The tempting fact is that it is free so there are no hidden charges. Privacy is respected and data is never stored.

Below are some specific areas in which they pay attention:

  Specific Work: 

  • Find out which friend has changed their profile name.
  • Gauge who looks at your profile/stories, likes, and comments.  
  • Know who doesn’t like your content.
Google Ratings  4.1
Storage16 MB
Paid or Unpaid$75/month                 $65/month, when billed annually
Play Store Address

The same Influxy application is also used to know the following and unfollowing number in the Instagram profile.

App 2: Follower Analyzer for Instagram App

Instagram stalker analyzer app

Track and view every detail from your Insta stalker to your friends.

Also gauge top comments, pics, and the most preferred video of your profile.

Below are some specific areas in which they pay attention:

    Specific Work:

  • Who is having a look at your profile?
  • Your photos are being watched secretly by whom?
  • Know the stalker who watches your post.
  • Secret admirer who watches your posted videos.

  For any inquiry:

Google Ratings3.9 ★
Paid or UnpaidRs. 190 to Rs. 430
Play Store AddressFollower Analyzer for Instagram App

App 3: Instalker

Instagram stalker app

Want to get notified when someone unfollowed you and also want to track increase and fall on your follower analysis “Instalker” can help.

Installer premium price starts at $2.49USD/week. If not interested to pay, simply walk for free use.

Below are some specific areas in which they pay attention:

     Specific work: 

  • Who viewed your Insta profile?
  • Who viewed your Insta story?
  • Who viewed your Insta picture?
Google Ratings3.5 ★
Paid or Unpaid$2.49USD/week
Play Store AddressInstalker

App 4:MyInsProfile

popular trendy app for knowing stalkers

Untangle everything from your profile, stories, and blocked contacts to your liked comments, video, and many more through this app. 

Scrutinize who is the secret admirer/s/ig stalker and most interested in your Instagram profile. 

Below are some specific areas in which they pay attention:

  ➽  Specific work:

  • Acknowledge who interacted/stalked/viewed your profile.
  • Scale who is your best follower and secret admirer/stalker.
  • Gauge who is liking your content secretly and thus stalks 


Google Ratings2.6 ★
Paid or UnpaidRs.470 to Rs.1,550 per item
Play Store AddressMyInsProfile

App 5: MyStalker: Who Viewed Profile Instagram

Instagram Staker identification app

If you want detailed information about your Insta profile every day then this app can accompany your mobile.

Free of charge know your ig stalker, admirer, and who is visiting your profile multiple times.

Below are some specific areas in which they pay attention:

     ➽  Specific Work:

  •  Gauge who looked/viewed/stalked your profile
  •  Know who is your secret admirer/ig viewer and ghost follower or ig stalker.
  •  Get to know If anyone/stalker is watching your account picture.
Google Ratings3.6   ★
Paid or UnpaidRs.230 to Rs.1,400 per item
Play Store AddressMyStalker: Who Viewed Profile Instagram

App 6: Followers Report for IG

Instagram stalker application

To dig deep into your Insta account and gather insight into your following and blocking list “Followers Report for IG” can aid you.

Below are some specific areas in which they pay attention:

  Specific Work:

  • Know who is discovering/Stalking/viewing your Ig profile and who just started following you
  • Discover who stopped following, and hasn’t followed, unfollowed, or blocked.
  • Gauge your secret admirer/stalker/viewer. One who watches your photos/stories/videos.
Google Ratings4.5 ★
Paid or UnpaidRs.180 to Rs.3,100 
Play Store AddressFollowers Report IG

iOS Applications

Some iOS applications are listed for you to have an apprehensive look at your performance on your Instagram content through tracking your Instagram profile stalker.

App 1: Visitors Pro App

trendy Insta Stalker application

Want to know “Who cares about me the most on Instagram” then “Visitors Pro App” can answer your queries. This app dips more analytically into your profile viewers and stalkers in particular.

Below are some specific areas in which they pay attention:

  Specific Work:

  • Who stalks your Insta profile?
  • Who views your Insta photos?
  • Who stalks your Insta stories?
  • Know who is your most active follower/ig stalker.
Google Ratings3.2 ★
Storage13.3 MB
Paid or Unpaid$1.99 to $9.99
Play Store AddressVisitors Pro App

App 2: Ig Analyzer: Follower Tracker and Analyzer

highly trendy Insta Stalker identity app

 ➽  Specific Work:

  • Know the person/stalker/viewer who viewed your profile.
  • Know which person blocked you.
  • Discover your lost followers.
  • Acknowledge who is liking your content through like and most comments.
Google Ratings4.6★
Paid or UnpaidRs.9.00 to Rs. 4,700
Play Store AddressIG Follower analyzer insight

App 3: Follower Analyzer Insight

Helpful Instagram stalker app

➽ Specific Work: 

  • Helps user analyze his profile
  • Tool for both Instagram and Facebook.
Google Ratings3.9★
Paid or UnpaidIn-app purchases Rs. 1,5000 per item
Play Store AddressFollower analyzer insight

Best Apps to Know Insta Progress Through Following/Unfollowing by Ig Stalker

In a tabular form below the Instagram application for both Android and iOS with their respective downloading store address has been provided. 

Applications particularly to gauge the Instagram following and unfollowing have been placed to help you.

Android ApplicationiOS Application
Followers & UnfollowersStatplus for Instagram
Ig Profile: Follower AnalysisFollowers Track for Instagram
MyInsProfileFollowers + Unfollowers Report

Steps for Safety Concerning Stalker Threats

As discussed previously stalkers can be harmful to some possibilities as every stalker doesn’t hold the same intention of just following the other.

Note: Being socially active doesn’t mean posting your everyday day schedule with your followers and friends. This can lead to inevitable problems in the future. Multiple 

Social media personalities have been caught up in legal issues too.

Here are some clear ways by which you can make your stories, stalkers, and activities OFF simultaneously: have a look at them and bury your problem related to them.

  • Private your Account
Way to avoid a stalker

Through your Instagram Settings, you can make your account private hence your stories, posts, and stuff available only to your friends.

Step 1. Go to your Profile.

Step 2. Go to the top right corner “Three horizontal bar” sign.

Step 3. Tap Settings>Account Privacy>Private Account 

Privacy settings for Instagram
  • Turn OFF Activity Status

You can Turn OFF your Activity Status to let your account update away from anyone.


If you don’t allow others to watch your account activity then you too will not be allowed to watch them accordingly.

Step 1. Go to your Profile

Step 2. After tapping on the three-line icon in the top right corner. Go to “Settings”.

Step3. Tap Privacy>Activate Status>Turn it OFF

turning OFF activity status
  • Remove Insta Followers
Removing the Instagram stalker

If you suspect any of your followers as your stalker then you have the option of removing him/her from your following list.

Step 1: Go to your Home profile.

Step 2: Click on the follower’s tab where the no. of the same is denoted.

Instagram stalker

Step 3: A list of your followers will appear with a remove option beside it. Remove them as per your instincts.            

  • Report
Reporting Insta stalker

You can also report to Instagram through its very easy feature of a click if you find things awkward with any account.

Step 1. Go to the Profile of the person or type the name 

             of the user in the search bar.

Step 2. Click on the sign present in the top right corner.

Step 3. Tap on “Report User”.

reporting an Insta account

You may be having a plethora of issues and queries to ask, so feel free to connect to the Instagram reporting services and authorities

Wrap Up

Instagram might be your only go-to application for watching and collecting publicity but keep a vigilant eye on every small detail. Minor negligence can dig you into loopholes. Reporting stalkers, illegal contents, and accounts are pivotal to making Instagram or any other social media app a safe place.

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