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If you’re looking forward to such an application that lets you watch your favorite media content absolutely free of cost, that too at your utmost comfort, then why not to consider the ‘Oreo TV’ application! Since you know that the world is evolving at a rapid pace especially in terms of technology as a few decades ago we could only watch TV shows and Movies via television and cinemas but now, with mobiles, we all are provided with the option to watch them on the go using tons of ‘Live-TV Streaming’ services today! 

However, even with having the opportunity to access popular streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and others’ people still look for alternatives because these platforms cost monthly subscription fees which unfortunately many can’t afford to pay. Thus, if you’re one of those who’re searching for one of the best free streaming alternatives out there that allows you to watch countless titles not only on the screen of your smartphone but also on the big-wide screens of your Smart TV and Computer then, Oreo TV application is all what you’re looking for!

All about Oreo TV APK!

Oreo TV is one of the top famous online streaming apps that has been originally designed for Android devices for allowing ‘Live-TV Streaming’ of entertainment-based content for android users. To be precise, this application is an alternative of ‘Jio TV’ application for mainly watching live stations after the latter quits working on the big wide screen of ‘Android Smart TVs.’ This application, is also known for creating the lifestyle of  all kinds of individuals (whether they’re a binge-watcher, a movie-bluff or a sports enthusiast) much more comfortable as Oreo TV APK save the precious time of whoever is accessing the application simply from browsing the internet and wasting time in searching for new media content every-day to vanish their boredom. 

Oreo TV Application- General Details

App Name:Oreo TV APK
App File Size:10 MB
Requires Versions:Android 5.0 + Up
Developer:Oreo TV Official
Category:Live TV and Movies
Supported PlatformsSmartphones, Fire Cube, Fire TV, Firesticks, Windows PC  
Updated:25th September 2020
Total Downloads:3Million+ at present
App Rating:4.1
Website Link:

Why to Choose an Oreo TV APK?

With time, Oreo TV managed to become the single-platform for showcasing the dynamic list of entertainment genre categories. On the application, you’ll be amazed to see the content on various popular categories including TV shows, Movies, Web Series and Live-Sports. However, the range of content that is available on the Oreo TV application, makes the app similar to other Live-TV streaming applications like “Morphix TV, Hotstar, Netflix, Airtel TV, MI TV, GHD Sports, Viva TV, and UnlockMyTV, etc.” But, it’s the amount of channels, picture quality, user interface and navigation facility of the Oreo TV APK that makes it stand out from the rest options of ‘Live TV’ applications like we’ve just mentioned above.

However, that’s not the end of the benefits that Oreo TV offers to its users, in fact it also has a long list of many more features that you would love to check-out! So, why to waste any single second further, let’s have all your attention here at the below-mentioned table that contains the comprehensive features of Oreo TV application—

List of Oreo TV APK Comprehensive Features that Attributes to Oreo TV Popularity!

  • Oreo TV comes with over 6000+ Live TV Channels of different categories from across the world (such as UK, US, Canada, India and many more) and they get updated every day for the sole purpose of entertaining users with fresh content.
  • The application offers all its available entertainment content in 4K video resolution and for enjoying the same, users don’t need to register themselves or take any subscription of the same.
  • It allows users to binge-watch their favorite content (be it movies, web series or TV shows) without any disturbance as it is entirely an ad-free application.
  • With Oreo TV, users can either enjoy online watching ‘HD’ quality content or they can download the same absolutely free of cost for offline watching.
  • The application has this unique option with the help of which users can list their favorite channels and content in one place to watch them later in their free time.
  • Oreo TV application also has a comprehensive search option that allows users to select a category, language, and genre for making it easier to search for their desired content.
  • Its UI offers users the smooth and refreshing experience in easily navigating between all these following categories: “TV Shows Section, Movie Section, Sports Section, Kids Section, Live TV section and Documentary Section.”
  • Quite similar to the app like VLC Media Player, this application provides users the opportunity to watch movies inside the app itself as it has an in-built video player feature.
  • The Oreo TV APK is compatible with many external video players namely— MX Player, VLC Player and Real Player, etc.
  • It even supports external applications like MI TV APK, Roku, NVIDIA Shield, Amazon Fire Stick, and so on.Last but not least, using Oreo TV application, users can avail benefits of ‘Network Stream’ for streaming video content.

Now, considering all the above-mentioned benefits and comprehensive features of Oreo TV, time has come to move on to the main aspect of this blog and that is about the tutorial of how you can download as well as install Oreo TV application to enjoy watching your favorite entertainment content at the utmost comfort. Therefore, be ready to perform the below-mentioned steps to “download and install the Oreo TV APK” according to the respective device that you own as we’ve mentioned the steps for execution for every possible (android-support) device! So, let’s begin—

Use These Steps to Download and Install Oreo TV for Android Smartphones

  • To download and install the Oreo TV APK on your android phone, you need to first enable its unknown sources option by navigating from ‘Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.’
  • Once you’re done with enabling the unknown sources option on your mobile for allowing Oreo TV to be downloaded on the same, move forward and open the web browser on your android.
  • In the search bar of the same, you need to slide the cursor for pasting this “https: //”particular link of Oreo TV download website.
  • After pasting the link, hit the ‘Enter’ button or tap on the ‘Search’ icon to reach onto the official Oreo TV APK download website.
  • On the website, locate the ‘Download’ option and once you’re able to find the same, click on it to download the Oreo TV APK from there onto your device.
  • Now, wait for some time until and unless the download process of the Oreo TV APK finishes and once the process finishes, either click directly on the ‘Oreo_tv_1.9.1.apk file’ from the notification panel or if it’s not available there then, you can locate the same inside your phone’s ‘Downloads folder’ to tap on it.
  • Doing a tap on the OreoTV.apk file will open up an installation wizard box in front of you and inside the box, you’ve to simply tap on the option of ‘Install’ which is there at the bottom-right of the pop-up box.
  • That’s it! In the end, you’ve to just follow the on-screen available prompts such as tap on the ‘Finish’ button as well as on the ‘Open’ button to successfully install the Oreo TV APK file on your android mobile phone for enjoy watching the entertainment content (available on the Oreo TV application) based on your choice and preference.

Out of all whoever is reading this blog, if you’re an iPhone user and looking for the steps for downloading Oreo TV APK on your iOS device then, unfortunately let us tell you that, Oreo TV app is still not available for iOS devices. So, you cannot download Oreo TV application on your apple device but, not to disappoint you completely, it is suggested by many that iOS users can try either of these apps “MediaBox HD, MovieBox Pro, and CotoMovies” since they’re termed as the best alternative for Oreo TV APK.

Use These Steps to Download and Install Oreo TV for Android Smart TV

  • To begin with the process of downloading and installing Oreo TV APK for Android Smart TVs, first turn it on and connect the same with a strong and stable network connection.
  • Then, open the ‘Google Play Store’ application on your Smart TV to search for ‘ES File Explorer.’
  • Once you’re able to search it, hit the ‘Enter’ button simply for opening its installation wizard box.
  • Inside the installation box, you’ll see the ‘Install’ button that you’ve to select for letting the ‘ES File Manager’ to be installed on your Smart TV.
  • Now, as the installation of ‘ES File Manager’ finishes, open it and simply scroll down to select the ‘+ new’ button. 
  • Doing so will open the option to enter the URL of the website such as “” to get the official download link of Oreo TV APK file. 
  • Moving forward, hit the ‘Enter’ button to reach on to the same website for searching the Oreo TV APK file and as soon as you find the download link of the Oreo TV APK, click on the same to start the download process of Oreo TV.
  • In the end, click on the downloaded Oreo TV file to open the installation wizard box for selecting the ‘Install’ button from it.
  • That’s it! Congratulations, once the Oreo TV app is installed on your Smart TV, you’re all set to enjoy watching your favorite content for absolutely free of cost.

Use These Steps to Download and Install Oreo TV for PCs (Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, Mac and Linux O.S.)

Since Oreo TV is an android application, you cannot directly download the application onto your computer be it Windows, Mac or Linux operating system. Now, let us guess, you must be wondering about what is the other way of downloading and installing Oreo TV APK for PCs isn’t it! So, not to increase your curiosity further, let us tell you that you need to have an android emulator on your computer system to enjoy watching Oreo TV on your desktop. Basically, an emulator is required because it contains the ability to let you open and access all the android APK files on any computer’s operating system. So, as you’re clear in your head about the requirements that you need to fulfill to download and install Oreo TV APK on your PC, let’s begin with the process without wasting any second further—

  • First and foremost, turn on your respective computer and login to the same.
  • Then, launch your preferred web browser (be it Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox) from the desktop of your computer.
  • From your web browser, navigate yourself to the official site of either the ‘BlueStacks’ or of the ‘Nox Player’ android emulator using “https: //” or “” respectively. [Note: Both are considered efficient for easier access of the android APK files on a PC]
  • Once you reach onto the official website of your chosen android emulator, locate the ‘Download’ option and click on the same to download the emulator on your PC’s operating system. The download process might take a few minutes to get done, so we suggest you to wait patiently.
  • Then, click on the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to run the ‘Android Installer’ simply for installing the downloaded android emulator on your PC.  
  • Now, launch the downloaded android emulator application on your desktop and inside it, locate the ‘Google Play Store’ app.
  • Once you’re able to locate the app, open it and sign-in on the same with your Gmail account.
  • After signing-in on to the ‘Google Play Store’ app, put the cursor inside the search bar and type ‘Oreo TV APK.’
  • Doing so, will pop-up the Oreo TV APK in front of you and then, all you have to do is click on the same to expand it for once again clicking on the ‘Download’ button.
  • Now, once the download of Oreo TV APK completes, you need to further click on the downloaded ‘.apk file of Oreo TV’ simply because you’ve to follow the on-screen instructions to finally install the Oreo TV android application onto your Windows, Mac or Linux PC.

That’s all! This is the end of the entire guide that contains the step-by-step procedure of how one can download as well as install the Oreo TV APK on their respective devices for instance on Android Smartphones, Android Smart TVs and with the help of an android emulator also on Computers (be it Windows, MAC or Linux) O.S. to enjoy watching almost all kind of entertainment content that is there available on the Oreo TV Application.

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