6 Ideas for Decorating with Plaster Ceilings

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Ceilings could sometimes be the blandest part of the house, and it takes skill to make it stand out. The ceiling is usually one of the more neglected parts of a home regarding interior design. Some people don’t care about being creative, but it could help add to the atmosphere with a little effort. Here are six ideas for decorating with plaster.

Ceiling Medallions and Roses

ceiling roses

Install medallions or roses around light fixtures to draw attention to the center of the room. Plaster Ceiling Rose comes in various sizes and designs, ranging from simple to ornate, allowing you to match the style of your space. While being beautiful, it helps elevate the room and adds to a more prominent creative piece.

Adding a piece helps lessen the bare look of a chandelier or light fixture. It gives a more unique arrangement, giving the surroundings more character. It would provide a theme like a rustic 19th-century look or a modern but still elegant mix. The right combinations can boost the atmosphere of any room in your house.

Crown Molding

 crown molding

Crown molding is a classic choice for enhancing the transition between walls and ceilings. Choose a style that complements the architectural details of your space, and consider adding multiple layers for added dimension. These molds lessen the blocky or plain look when you see wall-to-ceiling transitions. Paint the crown molding in colors that contrast or complement the top and walls, giving it more personality.

Fresco Or Murals

fresco or murals

If you want to go all out, consider commissioning an artist to create a fresco or mural on your ceiling. This can be a stunning way to add a unique and personalized touch to your space, depicting scenes, patterns, or images that resonate with your style and preferences. If you enjoy an art exhibit atmosphere, murals are the way for you to add a little art to the house.

The mural will easily become the focal point of the entire room; people might not take their eyes off the art. Putting a painting or an art piece to be part of the house will always be a good addition to the place if done correctly. Contact a professional artist and turn your house into an art exhibit but with the comfort of a home.

Stenciled Ceilings

stenciled ceilings

Use stencils to create intricate designs on your plaster ceiling. These designs can mimic traditional patterns, botanical motifs, or geometric shapes. Stenciling can add visual interest without overwhelming the room, especially if you choose light or subtle color palettes. Change the plain texture to a piece of art with simple designs.

These designs would also complement a decoration like a rose. You can turn it into a botanical garden art piece with suitable stencils, like flowers or vines. Also, you can be creative with the stenciling as long as you have the furniture or decorations to work with it. Think of things you like for inspiration for the stencils, like Romanesque or Gothic art.

Color Contrast

color contrasts

Play with color to highlight the ornate details of your plaster ceiling. Paint the plaster differently from the walls to make the intricate designs pop. For instance, consider painting in a soft pastel if your plaster details are white. Simply changing colors could mean changing your bland room to something more pleasing to the eyes.

Changing the colors would also help complement the theme of the room or the entire house. Consider using color pallets matching these styles when following a theme, like a Renaissance design style. Poor color planning could make it look undesirable or unappealing; try to visualize which colors go well with the rest of the room.

Embrace Metallic Finishes

metallic finishes

Applying metallic finishes, such as gold, silver, or copper, can enhance the sculptural qualities of the ceiling’s details. Highlight raised elements with metallic paint or leafing to catch the light and create a luxurious ambiance. It will give the room an overall aristocratic or royal atmosphere as it copies the up-class style. This works particularly well in rooms with natural light or bright white lights.

Be careful when applying metallic colors in the rooms; not all colors go well with the metallic finish. A general redecoration would be recommended when adding complex colors like gold or silver.

Get a Professional

Remember that ceilings are not easy to work with, so any changes you make should be done carefully to avoid damaging the original details. If you’re not confident in your DIY skills, consider hiring professionals who have experience working with ceiling design. This will ensure a successful and respectful update to your space. Start thinking of a design and make your home a little more creative.

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