The Best Advice to Save Your Energy and Time

Updated On January 13, 2023 | by Austin

Best Advice to Save Your Energy and Time

Have you ever wondered how to save time at work and in your personal life? Did you manage to do it? If not, then today’s article will help you in saving the most important asset in life and allowing you to do more than usual. There are tons of tips, books, and tutorials from personal effectiveness experts. Get some extracts from these books today and read these 10 effective tips to save you time and energy during the day.

Don’t Spend Much Time Surfing the Internet

For a modern person, the Internet and social networks occupy a rather significant place in life. The constant presence on the network takes up a lot of energy. That is why the first piece of advice on how to keep up with everything will be to reduce your online presence. Plan how many times you will check your mailbox per day. Follow this schedule and deal with more critical and urgent tasks at other times. However, if you like earning money on the Internet, you should visit top gambling sites, instead of scrolling your news feed. 

Improve Your Skills

When we think about saving time and improving efficiency, we sometimes go to extremes. Let’s say you often type during your work or personal time. It takes different people a different amount of time to type the same amount of text since the typing speed is different. In this case, it makes sense to take a high-speed typing course. It can save you hundreds of hours over the years to come by typing faster than before.

Get Rid of Your “Weaknesses”

If you cannot ignore sound or visual stimuli in the form of messages on Skype, Facebook, or WhatsApp while performing an essential task, then just get rid of them. The phone can be removed from your eyes by putting it in silent mode, while Skype can be turned off.

You are Not Almighty

Remember this when, at the beginning of the workday, you do small, unimportant, non-urgent tasks. The ability to make big decisions is a limited resource. Therefore, it will be better for you if in the morning, at the beginning of the day, you concentrate on the most significant and urgent problems that require your direct participation.

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Follow Your Sleep Schedule

Practice and numerous researches show that you can save time by sleeping. No, we are not encouraging you to sleep less. It will be much more effective to introduce your own sleep routine: go to bed and get up always at the same time.


You can improve your efficiency by prioritizing – this will save more resources. For example, when writing down your to-do list for the next day, start with the most critical and urgent tasks, and end with the most unimportant and non-urgent ones. Start with the first step at the beginning of the day when your performance is at its peak.

Automate Everything You Can

Many daily routine tasks can be automated. For example, instead of handwashing, use laundry or automatic machines, instead of self-cleaning the house, use cleaning services. Think about what other responsibilities you can automate or delegate, then think about how you can do this. 

Use the “1+1” Rule

When you are doing a crucial task, perhaps there is another small subtask that you can do very quickly by completing the first. For example, you need to reply to an email. You have already entered the mail and done this. So why not clean up your Spam folder now? This will save you time for the next time.

Don’t Do Meaningless Actions

Before performing any action, determine how much time you are willing to spend on it and what benefits it will bring. For example, when you sit down at your laptop, determine how long, and why you will be doing it. 

Put Things in Order

Another way to save time is to gradually put things in order. When you move from one end of the room (office) to the other empty-handed, you can take something that is out of place along the way and put it where it belongs.

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