Clever Ways to Keep Your Tech Products Secure

By Austin
Clever Ways to Keep Your Tech Products Secure
Jan 5, 2024 Reading time : 3 min

With technology constantly evolving and becoming an irreplaceable part of our daily lives it is good to think about ways to protect our belongings. Personal laptops and smartphones can hold all your information in one place, and while this is convenient for you it is also convenient for hackers looking to exploit that information for their benefit.

From making sure you are using secure software to physically protecting your technology we look at ways you can keep them safe.

Hardware Safety Precautions


when on the move it is better to keep your devices close to you for extra safety. Smaller things like phones can be kept in the inside pocket of your jacket or other secure pockets on your person. Always avoid open back pockets. Laptops and tablets can be kept in special cases or in a backpack with a secure lock. You can find backpacks that have codes on their locks for extra security.

Charging Lockers

they are great for office and home security. For offices a 6- or 12-tier locker can be chosen, either with individual doors for extra safety or with one big door. This way employees can keep their devices charged and safe. The same goes for home. If you have more than one device that you would like to keep locked when not in use a charging locker will be ideal to keep your device safe and ready for work.

Software Safety Precautions

Data Encryption

hardware- and software-based systems encrypt your data so only authorized personnel can have access to it. Data encryption is a good way to protect both your business and your personal data.

Security When Lost

there are now apps that can trace and lock your computer if it is misplaced or stolen so your data won’t be easily accessible to anyone.

Fingerprint and Facial Recognition

those two have replaced passwords and puzzles to unlock your devices. They are becoming safer and more popular than using a password.  Fingerprints and facial recognition can also be used for your front door and other devices making your home safer.

Double on Security

apps can allow you to use your phone to make your laptop or tablet more secure. You can use your phone as the ‘key’ that unlocks your other devices. You can also connect it to your smart door lock, making the lock send you a code that you have to punch in before you can enter.

Remote Security

you can rig your smart devices so they can be controlled from your phone or tablet. That way if you are on holiday but are not sure if you locked the doors, you can check and lock them from where you are. Also, with smart bells, you can now be on the other side of the world and give directions to the postman about where to leave your delivery.

Intruder Alerts

the same technology can alert you to anyone breaking into your home. Whether you are at home or away you can take immediate action after receiving an alert on your smart device.

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