5 Ways Blockchain Marketing Can Transform Customer Experience

Updated On March 7, 2022 | by Louise Simon

Blockchain Marketing Can Transform Customer Experience

Blockchain is a technology that has blossomed in the year 2008. After many speculations, contemplations and doubts, there came a time when industries started exploring blockchain. It was then that the companies realized what impact blockchain marketing can create and started utilizing its incredible benefits. Here are the top five ways in which blocking technology can transform the customer experience for your business.

Targeting Right Audience

The very first way in which blockchain technology can transform the customer experience for your business is by engaging and targeting the right audience. In the online advertising industry, more than fifty percent of advertisers fail to target the right audience. And the only way to engage your desired target audience is through blockchain marketing. Many organizations have transformed by creating a decentralized search engine that has helped advertisers to engage with their target audience. Therefore blockchain can easily solve consumer engagement and targeting problems in the advertising industry.

Ad Fraud Prevention

The marketing industry is facing serious ad fraud issues. Paying for fake impressions and clicks has become quite common in the ad world. It is therefore not emptying the pockets of just the marketers but also distributing their analytical data. Hence giving rise to false strategic decisions. Blocking technology allows the display of all click-throughs in real-time. And this can be a great help for marketers to bring quality traffic.

Loyalty Programs and Reward Systems

A customer gives when he is made to feel special. In fact, he never forgets the brand that has rewarded him with some cashback points, discount coupons, etc. And this is why loyalty programs work so well in the advertising and sales industry. Many times it is also seen that customers accumulate different gift cards but don’t get to use them. This creates a bad impression and an unsatisfied customer experience. The gap can be filled with blockchain marketing. Blockchain technology helps to convert gift cards into digital wallets, allowing customers to redeem them whenever they want. This creates a positive impact on customers and builds customer loyalty too.

Data Collection and Crowdsourcing

The power of good data can never be questioned by a marketer as it is the basis of messaging in any ad campaign. Even after having so many data tools in the market, finding accurate customer data becomes difficult for marketers. As you know the accurate data can only be shared by the customer himself. And this is what blockchain marketing makes possible. It encourages customers to share their information in return for some compensation. Therefore the data obtained is authentic as well as relevant. This way it’s a win-win situation for the company as well as customers.

Decentralization of E-Commerce

Blockchain marketing has the power to decentralize the way you buy things online including cryptocurrency. Several e-commerce platforms use blockchain technology to build a decentralized marketplace where vendors can sell all their products to the customers without paying anything extra for third-party platform fees. 


Customer experience is one of the most important factors in the marketing industry. The marketers look for innovative ways to improve their strategies so that they end up satisfying customers, gaining new ones, and building customer loyalty.

Blockchain marketing has undoubtedly gained exceptional results in terms of customer satisfaction. With its ability to extra accurate data from customers, it has helped marketers in creating a transparent and authentic space for customers. It is high time you identify what blockchain means for your company and find a relevant firm that can help you market in the right way.

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