Unleashing Style: A Guide to Unique Vanities for Your Home

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May 27, 2023 Reading time : 4 min

Recent reports indicate that at least one in ten American homeowners are planning remodeling projects for the coming months. Of those, many will be focusing on their bathrooms. Some want to add square footage and functionality to their restrooms. Others simply want to bring this space into the modern era and get rid of dated, deteriorating fixtures and flooring. Regardless of their reasons for the renovations, they have plenty of options at their disposal.

How Vanities Fit into the Picture

At this point, an array of bathroom fixtures is on the market. Those include various styles of bathtubs and shower installations as well as an endless selection of faucets and other types of hardware. Lighting, mirrors, shelves, and small decorative details also enter the mix. All those components can add beauty and convenience to a restroom. Furthermore, Unique Vanities offers a range of their craft to round out any renovation project. 

Vanities are able to add a certain class and beauty to your washroom. A decent size that suits the area aesthetic of the room just feels divine. Moreover, they can be customized as per your own choice of skins, styles, and colors. One thing to keep in mind is that the size of the table should complement the area of your restroom and should not occupy too much space than needed. Further to that, you have the liberty to choose the style of your vanity, whether you want it to look more vintage or more modern according to your taste.

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Length and Width

Length and width are crucial aspects to consider when selecting a vanity. These units need to fit into the space that’s available, but they also need to leave plenty of extra room around them. Don’t overlook the clearance needed for opening doors and drawers or additional space for other fixtures when choosing a vanity.

There are many skilled designers who know how to make optimum space out of the given raw materials. As told in the previous section, your vanity should complement the area and should not look like a bulge in the room. Proper measurement of square footage can help in planning the size of your fancy need. It is completely normal to lose a certain amount of inches if your bathroom is not big enough.


Height is also a factor to keep in mind. Many lavatory vanities come in standard heights ranging from 32 to 36 inches. That’s generally perfect for people of average height, but not everyone falls into that category. Some of them can be modified to suit people who are taller or shorter than average. At the same time, wall-mounted units offer added flexibility in this regard. 

Countertop Materials

Countertops materials are also important. Those for lavatories need to be sturdy, durable, capable of withstanding moisture, and easy to clean without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. Several materials cover all those bases, such as marble, granite, and concrete. Travertine is an increasingly popular choice as well. It comes in several colors ranging from ivory and beige to gold and brown. It also offers the benefits of natural stone while being more affordable than some of its counterparts. 

Color Scheme

Color schemes enter the mix as well. In some cases, darker hues can make spaces appear smaller. That being said, vanities made of darker materials can bring either a rustic appeal or a chic, modern feel. Additionally, they can be combined with different colors to create a truly customized space. Choosing lighter countertops and tiles along with bright or neutral colors for walls can make a space seem larger than it actually is.

Creating a Beautiful New Bathroom

Numerous details come into play when remodeling a restroom. Homeowners have several options to choose from, too. That can make renovating a particularly challenging project. Keep functionality and available space in mind while considering the factors mentioned here. Doing so can result in a beautiful, spacious bathroom that meets any family’s needs and expectations.  

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