A Step by Step Guide on Writing Request Letter for Certificate of Employment

Updated On March 7, 2022 | by Alex Jones

Writing Request Letter for Certificate of Employment

A Certificate of Employment (COE) is a document that certifies that you have been employed by a certain employer for a predetermined period. In simple terms, a Certificate of Employment is a document that proves that you are working.

It is issued by the relevant government department or private company. The Certificate of Employment is often used as a proof of identity and employment, especially for overseas employment. This guide will assist you in writing a letter of request for a COE.

Who Needs a Certificate of Employment?

This document helps in many ways, such as obtaining a passport, getting a SIM card, applying for a job, claiming insurance, opening a bank account, obtaining a loan, immigration, educational purposes, and so on. Certification is required in many industries, especially in the government and the military. You must have a Certificate of Employment if you are looking for a job, especially in these times when there is a huge competition for jobs. Most of the companies require a Certificate of Employment for the following positions: HR, finance, marketing, sales, and so on. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a Certificate of Employment ready at all times. It is usually issued by the hiring company to document their employment relationship with an individual. All you need to do is write a well-written letter requesting one.

What Does a Certification of Employment Include?

Writing a certification of employment is a great way to show potential future employers that you have the required experience for the position. If you have been looking for a way to secure a job in a particular field, such as teaching, nursing, engineering or if you are an organized working mom then you might have come across the term certification of employment. Your letter should include a detailed description of your responsibilities, achievements, and skills. It is also a good idea to include any relevant education or training you have completed. You can also include any relevant volunteer experience you have had.

It is a document that is issued to an employee or eligible to be issued to an employee after they have completed the required training and the required work experiences. An employee also needs to have a pay stub to show you have been paid for the week.

A certificate of employment from the employer is issued to employees who have completed a specified period of employment and who have met the qualifications of the job. The Certificate of Employment is usually included as an attachment to a job offer and should be customized to reflect the company and position title. What includes a certification of employment depends on the employer and the contract of employment. However, there is a basic set of requirements that an employee should provide. In a standard contract, the employer is required to give a certificate of employment to all employees who have completed their probation period and are being employed for the first time. To obtain a Certification of Employment, the employee will be required to provide the following information:

  1. Employer’s name and address
  2. Position title
  3. Number of hours worked per week 
  4. Date of employment 
  5. Signature of employer 

How to Write a COE?

Writing a request letter for a Certificate of Employment is a daunting task for many job seekers. However, it doesn’t have to be. You should know the format and contents of the certification of employment to avoid any problems while submitting it at the end of your service. You also need to provide enough information to show that you are a suitable candidate for the position without being too wordy or redundant.

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How do I Request a Certificate of Employment? 

A Certificate of Employment is a document that certifies your employment status with a company. It can prove that you are legally allowed to work in your position, and it can serve as proof that you have the right to earn a salary from your employer. Your COE should be in simple language and concise. It should be written in a way that is consistent with the purpose of the document, and the recipient will quickly understand the purpose of the document. Your COE letter should be written in the first person. For example, the letter should include the sender\’s details, the sender\’s relationship to the employer, the title of the employer, a salutation, and a closing. So, what should your COE include:

  • Address. You need to indicate your full name and address. Write the name of the employer and the address.
  • Introduction. Usually, it includes the reason for writing your letter. 
  • Your requirements. Explain what you need. 

Final Thoughts

A certificate of employment is a document that provides evidence of the fact that a person works for an employer and can be used as proof of current employment. When you are shopping around for a new job, having such documentation can be very beneficial in proving your value to prospective employers. In this article, we’ve provided you with some useful tips to help get your request letter started on the right foot. We hope these tips have been helpful! 

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