Top 10 Universities for Computer Programming

Global Universities for Computer Science
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Computer programming breaks all records in popularity. The number of gadgets and devices is increasing more and more. They become more complex. They become indispensable helpers for people. Therefore, the workload of programmers, software creators, web designers, and game developers will only increase. And there will still be a shortage of IT specialists in the job market. Therefore, let’s figure out what are the best universities for programmers in the world? We consulted a group of programming assignment experts from and they provided us with the following ranking of the top 10 universities for getting programming degrees.

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    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA)

    This establishment is known as a very advanced university in the fields of technology, natural sciences, and biotechnology. It is one of the leading technical universities in the world. Also, it is considered a leading center in the development of artificial intelligent systems. For these purposes, even a special MIT Schwarzman College of Computing was created there.

    According to the QS rankings, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the best university in the world to study Computer Science. It has the highest academic score and prepares the most qualified specialists in the field of programming, software development, and computer science.

    Oxford University (UK)

    This is the oldest English-speaking university in the world, as well as the first officially open university in Britain.

    IT studies take place at the Department of Computer Science. Numerous studies are being conducted in the fields of computational biology, computational linguistics, information systems, software, and so on. Since 2012, a new Department “Computer Science and Philosophy” has been opened for students.

    Imperial College (UK)

    The UK has a huge number of companies involved in software and the use of IT technologies in business and innovation. So, there are many great universities.

    Imperial College London is a research institution with four faculties: the School of Business, Life Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. It ranks second among scientific and engineering colleges. The Department of Computer Science at this university is one of the largest in the UK and a world leader in academic research.

    PFL (Switzerland)

    Lausanne Polytechnic University is on the list of the 12 best educational institutions in Europe, with 10,000 students studying here. Lausanne itself is considered the center of many international organizations: UN, WTO, CERN, etc.

    This university is often compared to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is the only university in Switzerland that educates micro technicians and communications engineers. IT studies are based on the School of Computers and Communications. Graduates became founders of various companies such as Synopsys or Logitech.

    Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh (USA)

    Carnegie Mellon University is engaged in research activities in the field of science and technology, innovation in IT technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence. It is also known in the fields of economics, linguistics, and management. It is considered the world leader in the development of revolutionary ideas, their promotion, and the creation of business startups that bring success.

    University of California (USA)

    It is considered the best public university in the world. And it is included in the top 10 best educational institutions in the world. The teaching staff consists of almost 3,500 teachers. About 37 thousand students are studying here and almost a quarter of them are foreigners.

    The University of Berkeley has 130 departments. The University is world-renowned as one of the best educational centers for specialists in computer and IT technologies, economics, and physics.

    University of Edinburgh (Scotland)

    The University of Edinburgh is the largest institution in Scotland, ranked 17th in the world ranking. According to the RAE study, the University of Edinburgh received the highest quality education scores in many areas, including computer science, electrical engineering, and electronics.

    Scientific programs are at a high level. The university is 1st in Scotland and 5th in the UK in terms of the number of scientific areas that correspond to the international level. IT studies are based on the School of Informatics. There are three-year and four-year undergraduate programs available.

    KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden)

    The Royal Institute of Technology offers English-language programs covering a variety of computer science and programming industries. In particular, there are specialized programs in the areas of programming techniques, IT, computer science, network programming, programming in the Python language, etc.

    The advantage of the university’s programs lies in their financial availability, research component, and the availability of separate courses for learning different programming languages.

    National University of Singapore (Singapore)

    For those who want to study programming in Asia, the National University of Singapore is a good choice. This university is distinguished by the widest choice of programs.

    The computer department of the university has been successfully operating for over 20 years and offers different programs with specializations in IT, programming, software development, and other subjects. The university attracts students from all over the world through a large selection of courses, the availability of dual degree programs in computer science and another discipline, as well as opportunities for study at foreign partner universities.

    Tsinghua University (China)

    Tsinghua University is a huge Beijing university with 19 schools and 55 departments. For international students, the university offers a wide range of English-language programs in a rich multicultural environment.

    The university is distinguished by a specialized Department of Software, offering undergraduate and graduate programs in IT, programming, and software development. The university also conducts extensive research to help international students work on individual science projects in the fields of computer science and IT engineering.

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