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Collecting Elden Ring Map fragments make navigation a lot easier for you as the land is pretty huge, and getting somewhere without a map is difficult. You have to collect these fragments one by one to complete the map, as each fragment reveals a section of the map. Most of these fragments can be found near pillars in Elden Ring. In an attempt to make things easier for players, developers have revealed the location of these pillars, and you can see them by exploring to uncover the foggy blankness. 

This fragment finding quest isn’t easy at all, and it will take a considerable amount of time before you find all of them. The game features more than twenty different map fragments, and each reveals the location of plunders filled with treasure. You have to collect a minimum of ten of these fragments to complete the game. Here is the ultimate guide to finding all these map fragments in Elden Ring. 

West Limgrave

Go to the center of the Gatehouse Ruins camp and find a body near the pillar to get the fragment. You have the option to avoid all enemies, thereby using torrent. 

East Limgrave

The pillar on the left side of the road when you go south from Mistwood by the giant Erdtree following the road. 

Weeping Peninsula

Cross the Bridge of Sacrifice to go south from East Limgrave and keep heading in that direction until you find a broken carriage, a few dogs, and a troll. Look to the right side of the road, and you will see the map pillar there. Go prepared as there is a Ruin Golem archer which will attack you and have enough power to kill you. 


Go side by side to the road from the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace and cross a ruined caravan. The caravan goes towards the Caelem Ruins, the Caelid Waypoint ruins, and the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace. As soon as you move past the sleeping dragon, you’ll see the map pillar near a fork in the road. 


Take the east side road from the Rotview Balcony and travel until you pass the big dogs and the ruined caravan. Keep going in the same direction, and you will see more dogs on your right side. Find the thinnest point of the ravine and hop over it from that point. Travel until you reach the Dragonbarrow West Site of Grace, and you will find the pillar on the eastern road. There are some pretty giant dragons in the area, so proceed with caution. 

East Liurnia

Go to the west side from the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace until you reach Liurnia Lake Shore after crossing the soldier camp. The pillar can be found when you go along the waterlogged road marked by lanterns and walls, but it is surrounded by enemies. 

North Liurnia

This pillar can be found near the Academy Gate, but you have to go northwest to reach the sunken academy gate town from the Liurnia Lake Shore. This pillar isn’t easy to find, and the path is filled with enemies.

West Liurnia

Continue on the road, which will take you to the length of West Liurnia and pass the military camp, the convoy, and the Four Belfries on the hill on your way. The map pillar is on the left side of the road as soon as you cross the Northern Liurnia Lake. 

Altus Plateau

Before finding this pillar, collect the Dectus Medallion and its second half, as well as go to north Liuria to activate the Grand Lift of Dectus. Go to the road towards the Altus Plateau and go to the left side from the fork, and you will find the map pillar on the left side. These adventures require high-level weaponry, so buy elden ring runes to upgrade your weaponry. 

Mt. Gelmir

This region is difficult because you can only reach the pillar by taking the mountain path. Reach the soldier camp and go to the left side by crossing the wooden rope bridge. Reach the boss crater by jumping on the spirit spring. Go to the west side towards the rocky outcrop and cross the gap by jumping on it. You have to keep going down to find the map pillar along with the site of grace known as the road of iniquity. You need to look out for a giant hand monster which is pretty dangerous. 

Leyndell, Royal Capital

Take the stairway to get into the city and find the side of grace nearby the two Tree Sentinels. This site contains a map pillar and a golden sapling. 

Siofra River

Reach the Siofra River Bank and continue heading east to cross the pillar. There will be a body on the steps of the temple that contains a stag along with the map fragment. 

Deeproot Depths

Find a gazebo-type structure by heading northeast from the Deeproot Depths. Go inside, and you will find the map fragment on a corpse there. 

Moghwyn Palace

Go down from the hill in the Palace Approach Grace and go to some ruins nearby to find a fragment lying on a dead body. 

Ainsel River

The map can be found on a slumped-over body next to a merchant near a big open cavern. 

Lake of Rot

Go to the south side of the Lake of Rot Shoreside, and you will see this fragment near a body. 

East Mountaintops of the Giants

Go through the fort south of the Whiteridge Road and cross the bridge of chains. This pillar also unlocks the Crumbling Farum Azula. 

West Mountaintops of the Giants

The pillar is on the right side of the Grand Lift of Rold track. 

Consecrated Snowfield

Complete the Secret Path to the Haligtree dungeon and use the Secret Haligtree Medallion before this pillar. There is an oncoming snowstorm, but don’t worry because you will get out of it if you continue on the marked road. The pillar is near the frozen river on the side of the road. Get your hands on legendary weapons, talismans, armor, and other items by securely purchasing them from MMOPixel

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