Bitcoin vs Stocks- Which One is Volatile? All You Need to Know

Updated On February 7, 2022 | by Joseph Williams

Bitcoin vs Stocks

Most of the factors drive the fluctuations in the Bitcoin rate on the cryptocurrency exchanges. The volatility is also measured in the traditional markets through the volatility index, known as the VIX. Recently the tools to calculate Bitcoin’s volatility and various cryptocurrency also became more available. Among all the cryptocurrencies, the most popular is the Bitcoin index known as the BitVol, which aims to track out expected thirty-day volatility of the world’s most significant digital currency by the market cap. 

Historically the value of bitcoin is highly volatile. For example, in a single day in May 2021, the bitcoin price plunged around 30 percent before recovering to about twelve percent. But what’s the reason behind the volatility of bitcoin? So to know the volatility of the bitcoin, we will have to understand most of the factors behind it. Before that, you can check The Official App for trading bitcoins. So let’s start to learn about the characteristics. 

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Bad News Will Hurt the Rate.

The news and events that scare Bitcoin users include the geopolitical statements and events by the government in which Bitcoin is to get regulated. It also moves through prominent companies and individuals. For example, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla company, suggested that the company will no longer accept cryptocurrency for payment. It will create a considerable sell-off, and the price will drop more. The bitcoin adopters also include various actors who produce headline stories that spook the investors. 

Perceived Value 

This is one of the main reasons why bitcoin fluctuates against the fiat currencies, which is perceived value versus the fiat currency. Bitcoin also possesses properties that will make it the same as gold. This is also going by designing decisions by developers of core tech to limit production for fixing the quantity of twenty million bitcoin. 

It differs from the fiat currency, and it is managed by the governments that want to maintain high employment, low inflation, and tremendous growth by investing in capital resources. Therefore, the investors might allocate less or more of the assets in bitcoin as the economies with fiat currencies show signs of weakness or strength. 

Uncertainty Future Value of Bitcoin

You should be aware of the volatility factor of bitcoins; it is mainly driven in various parts based on certain varied perceptions. The value store is a function that is an asset that can be very useful in the future with excellent predictability. The store of the value is a function by which the investment can also be advantageous in the future with high predictability. Store of the cake can also get exchanged and saved for some service or good in future. 

The method of a value transfer is any concept or object used for transmitting property in the form of the assets from one to another party. At present, the volatility of the bitcoin makes it somewhat store of the value, but it also promises frictionless transfer value. As a result, we will see the value of bitcoin can swing based on the news, much as it can observe with fiat currencies. 

Risks of Large Holders

The volatility of the bitcoin is also driven by the holders of the large proportion of outstanding float of the currency. The investors with the BTC holdings in ten million or even more for so-called bitcoin whales. It is also unclear how they will liquidate the position into large without moving the entire market. Moreover, it might not be clear how they will liquidate the size position in a brief period as most cryptocurrency exchanges impose twenty-four-hour withdrawals, which threshold. Bitcoin also hasn’t reached the mass adoption rates, which will be necessary for providing the option value for large holders of the currency. 

Security Breaches Volatility

At times, Bitcoin can show up with the volatile factor. The approach to security is more paradoxically making the more remarkable outcomes, with various concerns to the public for producing robust solutions. 


It is nothing that thefts mentioned above and ensuring news about losses had double the volatility. It has been reduced overall bitcoin float and produced a potential lift on the value of the remaining bitcoin because of increased scarcity. However, the charge’s overriding in adverse effects of the cycle is followed. 

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