All about YIFY Movies Torrent, Proxy Sites and Its Alternatives In 2024

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Downloading movies and tons of other things like music, games, and even software for your operating system. While most people resort to downloading tons of great legal media with the use of legal torrent sites, others try to look forward to using torrent websites that are not exactly legal.

These websites often undergo a lot of legal scrutinizes just because of the violations and the copyright issues that the website has. One of the most popular torrent websites has also received its fair share of criticism, the YIFY movies site, commonly known as the YTS movie’s website.

The YIFY has one of the best websites to stream movies online. This website has a clean and user-friendly interface which is one of the reasons why it holds a strong dominance over other websites. 

This website even has a feature that allows you to sort movies from tons of factors like print quality, rating, language, downloads, and evens the alphabetical order.

But sadly, for the fans of the YIFY website, the website was banned in many regions after being held responsible for various violations of cyber laws.

This blog is all about the alternatives as well as the great proxy and mirror websites that you can use to access the website that is loved by so many in case you live in an area where this website has been banned due to security reasons.

Disclaimer: The information offered in this blog is for the sole purpose of educating the audience about the ways that they can access high-quality torrents. We do not in any way encourage the use of such websites that violate the cyber guidelines and advise you to steer clear of such websites.

A list of the Best YIFY Proxy/YTS Movies Torrent Websites in 2024 for You to Use

20 Best YIFY Movies Proxy and Mirror Websites 2024

These are some of the best YIFY movies proxy websites that are working in 2020 that you can access to get high-quality torrents.

But if for some reason you are unable to access these proxy and mirror sites, you can try to use the alternative websites that are available on the internet for you to use to get your hands on high-quality torrent files.

Here we present you with the top 7 best alternatives to YIFY torrent websites

Best Alternatives of YIFY/

1. The Pirate Bay-


Launched in year2003
Countries blocked inIran, Italy, 
Global rank—-
Alexa rank301
Features Peer to peer sharing with magnetic link support. Simple layout with a decluttered interface and low ad annoyance

One of the most common and popular names among people who love to use torrent files to access digital media and many other things. It is undoubtedly the best Bi torrent website on the planet, with the abbreviation being more famous than the actual name of this website.

This website helps the user so they can download quality torrents without much fuss. Not just this, the website also offers tons of VIPs or trusted user badges that help the users to know the difference between legitimate websites and the ones that are not.

2. 1337x-


Launched in year2007
Countries blocked inAustria, Australia, UK, and Ireland
Global rank254
Alexa rank411
Features Has a clean user interface that allows users to search for your favorite TV, music shows, movies, animation, and many other things quite easily.

Most of the users tend to move to this amazing website named as 1337x if the YIFY website is not working. It is known as one of the best alternatives to YIFY, second to none other than TPB in terms of movie sites. 

This amazing website is known for having multipurpose torrent content and is one of the most used websites that gets updated with fresh content every hour. It has improved quite drastically over the years and the security measures have been improved too. 

You can simply visit this website to get a wide range of torrents at your disposal just by accessing this brilliant website.



Launched in year2008
Countries blocked inIreland, Morocco, Pakistan, Portugal, Bulgaria, Denmark, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, and the UK 
Global rank347
Alexa rank819
Features Offers high resolution content with a large collection of movies, TV shows, games, trailers, and software

This amazing website offers you tons of great movies and TV shows to choose and download from. It has some of the best movies and music torrent files. It also has a separate section to give you a better idea of the movie that you are downloading which includes the genre, plot, star cast, language, year of release, and the IMDB rating.

Not only just movies, but you can also access tons of great TV shows, trailers, games, and even software installer packs.

4. LimeTorrents-


Launched in year2009
Countries blocked inAustralia, France, and UK
Global rank1341
Alexa rank2648
Features Offers a great user interface which makes the website quite ideal for downloading torrents. You can choose from tons of games, movies, trailers, software, and E-books.

In case you want to find all of the great releases and popular movies in one place, this is the website that you should opt for. You can use the famous “tracker list and directories” feature so you can get your hands on the latest and all the popular torrent files. 

One of the main reasons as to why it is known as one of the best alternatives is because of the huge database that the website has acquired in a short time. With a total of 10 million users, the website is sure a great match for the YTS website. 

5. KickAss Torrents-


Launched in year2008
Countries blocked inAustralia, India, US, and UK
Global rank2386
Alexa rank2828
Features Is known as the most powerful search engine that comes in within a website that allows you to access tons of movies, music, and even anime.

This website is quite old but still manages to make it to the list. It is used by millions of people from different regions of the globe to access great torrent files. 

One of the major highlights of this platform is that it offers information about the uploader of every torrent that is available on this website in a very detailed manner. This helps the user to differentiate between which torrents are safe and which ones are not. 

If you like to keep it real safe and sound for your operating system, then you can opt for this alternative with relative ease.

6. Zooqle-


Launched in year2013
Countries blocked inIs not blocked anywhere
Global rank2079
Alexa rank6400
Features Has a great interface and offers great content without many pop ups or ads. Has a total of 1300 TV shows along with 3.8 million movies for download 

You can get every torrent file in the library of this amazing website. It has become one of the most popular websites around the globe in a short period. There has been a rapid and gradual growth in the database of this website that is now at 4 million users. 

The main focus of this website lies on movies, even though it also has a great collection of music, books, games, and even tons of great apps. You can even think of it as a great alternative to the YTS Hindi in case the same isn’t working for you for some reason.

7. Torrentz2-


Launched in year2016
Countries blocked inNot blocked anywhere yet
Global rank752
Alexa rank15728
Features Has a huge database of 61 million users who have access to tons of great movies, TV shows, and books.

Always make sure of the fact that you are using a suitable VPN before you try to access one of these websites. If you won’t use a suitable VPN, you might expose yourself to hackers, ISPs, and other site operators which can get you in trouble.

This website comes off as a new entry on this list. The website lets you download content directly from the host websites. To put it bluntly, the website uses the search engine, even though the website has no torrent files of its own.

The website has some of the best torrent options which makes it one of the better things of this website. The website even ensures the safety of the users with a unique filter that scans every torrent file from its database. 

All in all, the website has seen a significant rise in the number of torrent files in various sections so the users can get torrents easily. These are some of the best alternatives that you can access in case the parent website or the YTS movies proxy websites are not working in your area for some reason.

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