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Want To Show-Off The Writer Inside You? Share Your Article With Us

Waybinary.com is a bundle of informative articles and deals in all sorts of technical stuff. We want people to share their thoughts with us and thus we welcome articles from our readers. We constantly search for great writers who can make their contribution to our website. If you are blessed with the talent of writing, you can contact us with your article.

As we serve more than 40,000 monthly active users, we need our content to be up to the mark. Any out-of-the-box idea related to technical gadgets, services, reviews, or blogs; falling in the categories like “How to”, “Top 10”, “Troubleshoot”, “Reviews” is highly appreciated. So, share your piece of writing with us, if you want it to get published here. We only accept the article related to the categories available on our website

Being a reputed website, we only accept original and quality content. So, here is the complete submission criteria and pitching process:

Submission Criteria:

  1. Authenticity: The content should be purely original. We don’t accept plagiarized content or already submitted content. So, check the authenticity of the content before sharing it with us as we only publish the unique content
  2. Citation: To make the content resourceful, there should be links to the credible sources
  3. Length: The article must contain 1000 words
  4. Meta description: Every article must consist of 2-3 lines for the meta description. It should contain the essence of the content
  5. Images: There should be original images following a specific dimension criteria i.e. 895 & 537.
  6. No promotion: Any sort of promotion of a business or an individual is not allowed. We don’t accept the content written solely for the purpose of SEO, branding or promotion
  7. Informative; The content should be thoroughly researched and contain genuine information.

Pitching process:

We recommend you take a look on the articles posted on the website to get an idea of the quality we are searching for. Make sure you don’t offer the same topic that is already posted on our website, but any similarity is considerable. The publication of an article is done through the following steps:

  1. After you share your article with us, we send the article to our team of writers for a thorough review
  2. The Editors can make changes if required.
  3. It will take 2-3 business days to get the article published on our website
  4. The article published by you on our website, can’t be published anywhere else.

Kindly note that all the guest posts are only eligible for ‘one-year’ duration which means after one year of the post being published is over, we can remove the post from our website.

To make your contribution, contact us at: info.waybinary@gmail.com